Game Idea About to Go into Development!


Game Idea for Microsoft XBOX console in the works. We are a Brand new studio looking for all able bodies that want to break into the video game industry. We need programmers, artists, modelers, and animators. What do we have? We have five people down for the cause. Two modelers, Two artists, and a Businessman to have meetings with potential investors.

We are going to apply to the XBOX incubator program. Which is a program funded by Microsoft for small developers to get their game made. The main requirement is a kick ass idea. Which we feel we have, due to a gross neglection of the genre on the XBOX console. If our idea gets the green light we stand to make a huge impression on the XBOX, which will turn out possitive for everyone involved.

The main requirement for the incubator program is to have a demo of the game up and running within 6 months after the start date. The type of game is Action/Adventure. All interested parties please post in this thread or send me an email.


Great, that’s the genre I like doing work on!

I can do websites and music composition pretty well. But it depends on what you need.

I could also recommend musicians if I had a better idea what style you want.

I do not have access to an xbox, though.


OK I’m just learning LightWave but I can give it a shot if you want. I could do Texturing Easy I have been using Photoshop since version 5.0 and I am getting better at Modeling in LightWave so I could give a shot at modeling. I haven’t done animation with it yet though if I wherre shown the basics I could learn fast. Whats the Poly Count you are looking for on a charactor? If your going to have blood I could really get some nice textures ranging from little cuts to full out drenched walls ect ect…(Sorry bit of a violent game nut) If you heading for XBOX I could use some nice textures with out having to dampen them down and oculd use Hi Poly chars. I know how to make low Poly charactors at the moment I can start working on Hi Res if need be though.

Keep me in Mind if you want. PM me or my msn messenger is (at the moment I woulden’t be able to check my e-mail since it is pop3 and I will not be at my home for a few days)


OOh, this sounds like a really kick ass thing. I don’t know much of modeling, but I’m trying to learn texturing, plus I’m an excellent artist:p .

(Ja muuten, kaikki finskit mukaan? Tehdään siitä yli 50% suomalaisten tekemä!)


Im a 3d modeler interested… I use LW
drop me a line…


i am a very interested in this and i consider myself a good 3d modeler/ animator and i know 3ds max quite well and can learn maya in a few days.

if you want more help contact me via email @( and i will send you some models that i have worked on and some animations.

i will post a link to a site that has a piece of work that i just finished animating. it was a fight scene if that matters to you.

to view the image you will have to copy and paste the link into a new web browser. i am working on getting a new webpage by the end of the week


well…i just finished working with MS on their XBOX sports titles for 2004…but not working as in modelling and such, more like operating and telling them what and how to do it compared to the other released games on the market…i’m on the XBOX sports council…

nevertheless i do hope u guys get something going…should be fun to see what it’ll turn out to be:)


i’m a graphic designer by trade
also an artist/ilustrator on the side, most interested in some games work

startings of a portfolio here:

currently working on the game art challenge billy goats gruff


My focal is 3d modeling and enviroments… I wouldn’t mind helping out while I look for a gaming job that pays.


I’m a classically trained artist having spent 5 years in Art School drawing from life and the figure, painting, and sculpture.

Currently my skill set includes drawing, creating character designs, and modeling.

I’m actively working on my texturing and animation skills. In texturing I’m using Deep Paint and Photoshop. For animation I’m using and learning the standard 3dsmax 5.1 bones and skinning, Character Studio 4.1, and MotionBuilder 4.03. MotionBuilder is fantastic for tweaking MoCap. I’m not sure if you guys are using any stock MoCap or if it’s all hand keyed.

It would be good to know what kind of pipeline you guys want to set up as far as the content creation apps go. File name conventions, file formats, poly limits, texture limits would also be great to know.



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