Game Icons - Character - Dargon


Ooooh, this is definately something I can sink my teeth into…

Started this sketch on me lunchbreak, gonna se where it goes from here.


Robotic foot soldier for a Fantasy/Scifi type RTS. Think final fantasy with a grittier edge.

I’ll polish this sketch over the next few days, get the idea firmly in mind before tackling the modeling…

EDIT added link to CGChallenge pic, so you all don’t have to go to the end of the post to see… EDIT


wow look really goodddd man!!


Looks sweet!.. Reminds me of the characters from the PS2 game KINETICA


Did a bit more work on the sketch - just doing a bit over each lunchbreak, so it’ll take me a little while…


Wow, nicely done.



good character dargon and that pose deffinitley has that “you’ll want me right up until I kill you appeal to it” :applause:


I am very interested in this thread:cool:

Nice concept you got there so far.


wow sexy robot :thumbsup:


Cheers guys!

I shall do my best not to let you down!

Here’s today’s lunchbreak update on the sketch:


I’m digging the design so far man, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.



:buttrock: This is so great…:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Glad you guys are likin’ it so far…:smiley:

Here’s a bit more…


ohhhh thats sexy. :slight_smile:


OK, this is the last post for sketches…

Already started on the model, but I’ll post when I have something real to show…:slight_smile:


cant wait to see the model to see what you decide will be model detail and what will be texture detail… keep it up



Hoping this link will work. My first try for linking to other sites for images…

It’s just a start on the model, around the 1300 tris mark. Adding hands will pump that up quite a bit, but I think I should have plenty to work with getting it up to 4k. Gotta keep some room for weapons, tho…

EDIT: Liking didn’t work out for me… I’ll have to try later…
Here;s a low-res post of the image-




Beautiful elegant design.Almost surreal,mystical in a way. Somehow abit like Samus from the Metroid series.I like the style look very much Dargon.:thumbsup: :beer:


Cheers Virtuoso!:slight_smile:

Well, after a oh too breif vacation to the Western Isles of Scotland, I’m back to add a bit more…

1st off, a bit more story background.

So it’s a Real Time Strategy game, based in a fantasy world, filled with sword, sorcery, and odd part magical, part machinery robotic warriors.

A number of different armies would be up for playing, with the simple humans, the beast masters, the Dark Aeldir, and the Fenrithe, wizard warriors who bring machinations to life with a powerful element, magica.

This particular character is a golem knight, created to be relatively lightwieght, so she can ride golem steeds, such as mechanical horses and dragons.

I imagine the game to have a Warcraft style of play, with Homeworld style controls (Orbiting around a single unit, complicated order system, being able to zoom in to watch the action)

Of course, this is the highest res version of her (or will be), and there would have to be LODs for the further away ones.

To finish: an update to the modeling…


awesome work so far wish you could post bigger images… Get some hosting dammnit! :slight_smile: