game environment


i was wondering, when building a game environment or scene is there any rules or guidelines to follow?

polygon count, lights shadows, size of the scene etc…

im building one in max 6 and i was wondering if anyone can give me a few tips before starting my scene.

thanks guys!


Well, it varies from engine to engine.

If I were to pick any one piece of advice that works well for any engine, I think it’d be to be careful with your lights. Too few and the lighting is lacking or even fake looking. Too many and you’ll tax the engine.


like Shishka said, depends on the game engine.

but some basic rules…

try to condense your textures, use as much of the 1024x1024 square that you can. poly count is important, but also placement is to too. most game engines wont render the polys unless you see it, so unless you have a huge outdoor environment, you should be fine. most game engines work with triangles, so convert your models to 3 sided faces. learn to bake your textures onto your models, that way, the game engine doesn’t have to render lights [well, not as many].

reply with what game engine your using and we can help with some more specific details.


thanks for the quick response guys.

I am not using any particular engine, i am trying to get in a gaming company and making a low poly game models demo reel, and was wondering if i have to absolutely put my models in an environment and animate them.

Basicly i applied for a modeling texturing position, so i need a few guidelines on what i should or not do in my demo reel.



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this is a good start. might as well start modeling for a game that’s not out yet, that way your models wont be out-of-date when completed. another thing game companies like to see it a clean mesh, so while modeling, keep that in mind.


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