game competition #9 - Samurai/Beatle


Never done one of these before cause of time constraints and stuff, but with the extended
time limit I will try this time.
I know there are all ready samurai and bugs, but I really need to build this model. I will put
ultra intricate designs on the carapace. I was totaly inspired by tyranids, the guys from “the
dark crystal” and the guy from frozen throne, probably some other stuff too.
tell me what you think.



The mighty LeeSalo is entering! its as good as won!
I groaned when i read ‘samurai’ cos everyone else seems to be doing one, and theres been somewhat of a samurai fad recently what with kill bill and last samurai etc, but your concepts are looking damn good so far.
Cant wait to see some tasty polys…

You spelt beetle wrong by the way :smiley:
People will expect to see Paul Mcartney or John Lennon in samurai armour!


way cool! will he have 4 swords? 2 katana and 2 wakizashi maybe?

EDIT - DUUURRR just saw those red lines, clearly he only has 2 arms, apologize for being an idiot :stuck_out_tongue:


some will consider this nitpicking but…

  1. beetles don’t have 8 legs and 2) it doesn’t really look anything like any beetle I know of (the most extreme nit-picking of all).

I’m sure it will turn out as a nice model, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Anubarak, anyone? :smiley: Then again he was base on spiders…

Seriously this could become a very cool concept. And I think you can leave the second smaller arms out. But that’s up to you.

Can’t wait!


hey thanks for the words guys, here is an updated concept shot. I took some guys advice and
did some research on beetles and changed some shapes. check it out. the specular maps are
going to make or break this one.


here is arender of what i got so far, 1500 triangles.


Beautiful work there Leesalo! I love it… Looks simple and clean… Awsome!


I prefered the first “nose”. Seemed to add some realism to the model. Modelling looking good though


LeeSalo, excellent detail with few polies, I was almost worried. great job on the concept art ( slick idea making it broken, better for modeling frame I imagine ) :wink: I certainly hope there’s more work that will come from other artists this good, anyway I’ll keep posted and can’t wait for the texture wip.


thats looking sweet so far! such a clean model and really nice concept! it does look very dark crystal. can’t wait to see more!! :wink:


looking sweet… nice work so far LeeSalo :slight_smile:


looking realy good…cant wait to see the rest


Looking good Lee. Quick question, is that a single mesh or a few pieces together?


now the model 2460 and I just have to model the limbs ( 1000 triangles = 6 limbs? ). for the
most part the mesh is all one part and could hold water if it were real. the horn and teeth
need to be finished, i will post more later. any one got any color ideas? I cant get my head
around RED, but its been over done.

thanks for all the feed back guys!


God thats cool. I think you should go for a red with black/silver highlights (I like black :thumbsup: ). If you really don’t wanna do red, then a green could work well, or a blue, or a purple. I think you could pull off any primary/secondary colour, especially with such a good model. But you shouldn’t go further than secondary IMO.


Super clean model… awesome work. Personally, I think emerald green would be a perfect color for the armor… or perhaps armor with inlaid jade… JMTC

Keep up the great work.


Very noice! My vote would be for mostly black, with irridescence on the shell, (possibly achieved through a reflection map?) multicoloured, shimmering, like real beetles.



Can i vote now?


wow:scream:, I was almost about to crit that the head was too small, then I thought about it a different way and I think you should leave it as is, that way it reflects that it’s body is more massive in a comparison, your doing very well and I can’t wait until you start the texture.