Game Characters for Jump n Run Game


Hi everyone!

I’m currently working for a customer on a jump and run game for mobile and web. In this game, there will be also moviescenes that I have to work on. At the moment, i started with the main character and got it in low poly and the image you see below.
Feel free to write critiques of what you think about this model at the moment :slight_smile: Its not finally textured and the models anatomy isnt finish yet.

thank you in advance :slight_smile:


for comparison reason, here is the low poly character :slight_smile:


still no comments or critiques? Are you missing some information or sth?



I don’t come in the game forums too much lately, kind of been busy working on a game project myself. I did see your post the other day, and since you mentioned there was more work to be done yet on anatomy and texturing, I was unsure how much critque/comments you were interested in. For now, the only things that jump out at me, is for the low-poly version, make sure your smoothing groups are refined, or rather share, the same group ID number so that it looks more smooth. The shading will take care of that for you then. (Depending on the software you are using, this might be under user normals or geometry approxiation - where the great the degree/percent level the smoothing will carry over to the adjacent polygons.) This is where you notice it in the body, why you see some blocking (the actual polygons) where it should be smooth. Judging by your high-rez model, I believe that most of your body should share closer to the same smoothing group, making the low poly look smooth and more natural. Other than that, I think the character has a “cute” look to it which is nice…the only other suggestion, is maybe going with more of a “pixar” eye style (for the iris/pupil) versus the black that you have now…just an idea as it could add more “pop” to the character.

(Note: My suggestions are just based on my assumption that you plan on using the low-poly model in the game, as in 3D with maybe Unity or something. If you are planning on rending out to sprites then you dont really have to worry about the smoothing groups that I mentioned earlier.) Looks cool though, keep up the nice work.


Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, you are right, I’m going to import this model right into Unity3D. Working on it in Maya. As I already wanted to fit the “pixar”-Style, it is a good suggestion of using eyes like in the pixer movies. I was wondering, if this character apperas “cute” so someone else than me, so I feel reassured, thank you for that! I’m going to refine the smoothing, so it’s not that bricky and get an update on the eye and the all over texture.

If someone else got some critiques or comments, just about the character in detail, feel free to write :slight_smile:


Just updated the Images for the Higher and Lower Resolution Model. What do you think, is the smoothing getting better. And also the “pixar” like eyes making a good mood even on this model without pose or sth.


Hey, definitely better already with the smoothing groups…I like the eyes as well. For the eyes, you might want to try a color that is somewhat opposite to your mair character…right now your character is on the brown/orange color side, maybe a nice blue iris color would look nice too. From what I can see you have a texture break right at the neck, you might want to try blending that a bit more - right now it is more of a line there.

Depending on what your client is looking for, you might want to try to see how your character looks with just one set of arms as well, it would be a lot easier for animating and might bring more of that “cute” factor you are going for…idk

One more suggestion, I dont know the poly count you are limited too, but you might want to look at the eye sockets some more, or any areas that you think could be rounded out a touch. The eye area is one of the most important areas for a character…but don’t go over board with the polys because you still want the character to run fast and not tax the 3d engine. Other than that, just look over your wireframe, and make sure you have proper edge loops as that will help a lot come animation time. Best of luck to you and keep us updated (As long as the client doesn’t mind you showing work - becareful with that)


Thank you for your answer and sry, that I’m responding that late. Had to do some other stuff, but now I picked up that little guy again and tried to refine him a bit. As you said, the opposit eye color is a great idea and keeps someone up looking at his face.
I also added eyelids for facial expression and set up the UVs again, so I could set textures better without guessing, where the next point could be :wink: what do you think about the model for now? As this guys is going to be a kind of special insect, he has to keep his 4 arms.


Hi. He is looking good. I like the new texture. These are just suggestions, as you can do whatever you like, and my ideas could be wrong too, but depending on what type of game/character you are going for, the saturation in the reddish skin might be a little too much. Generally, a red color can be preceived as an enemy, but then again, it all depends on what you are aiming for…for the eyes, have you tried a more blue color with a touch less saturation? It might be a touch much on the green side. These are just ideas, you do whatever you feel is best and what the project calls for…never the less, he is looking a lot better.

Keep up the good work and always try different things…sometimes the things you least expect as working, work the best. I might come and go on this thread if you dont see my responding right away, as I have to get ready for releasing an iPad game myself very soon here. Best of luck to you.


Hey everyone. Im currently working on the next characters to fit a style I can accomplish to all the characters. What do you think about the next two guys.


Looking excellent man! A few notes on some of the characters, they look a bit too ‘pinched’ in some of their joint areas. Maybe try adding some kind of joint-like-“ness”(couldn’t think of a better word sorry xD) to their elbows and such. Other then that, they look amazing! Great work!


Hey, they are looking great! I really like the spider too. I would do the same as Ethan mentioned, to relax the meshes a bit. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your comments and advises :slight_smile: I just kept on going doin the next characters, so i wanted to do a little update for you. As for now, I will post the next update on the insects etc. next time, so you can see, that your words are not unheard :wink:


Excellent update! Really love the fur. The animals really look characterized and personal :wink:


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