Game character


Hi! all.I created it for on line game.Software is xsi4.0 aftereffect.Welcome comments.


I really like the concept…very strange.
modeling looks very sound, texturing looks good. great job.


Excellent work!!! & beautiful render!
I saw your work in here


Thanks for all comments.My model is very sample in the XSI.I almost depend on texture.
I need more comment to fix my character.Welcome!!!


good work~!!
very nice lighting and render~!!:bounce:


good job`i like it ``

The textuer is perfect~~


Very nice concept and the head is very well done, but I’m not so sure about the neck region. What (I think) is supposed to be a coat looks like it’s actually supposed to be his neck and it just doesn’t look right to me. The head, though is excelently textured. I’m afraid I can’t really give you any comments on your mesh as I would need a real wireframe to do that, but the render looks good and as long as it doesn’t need to be animated then that’s all that matters.

Well done


very impressive work/…


:applause: haha, darn you softimage user, (no offense)


render is good,the model is good except the ears and the neck

  • I like it, but just like the others… I say the neck needs work too.
  • The geometry just to the left and right of the nose looks a little stretched.
  • I like the sky, are those texture maps or particles/procedurals?
  • It is a little dark on my monitor.
  • Wire frames would be nice. :slight_smile:


nice work !


Great textures. Did you use Displacement maps for those wires( or whatever they are)


Greate!!Your textuer is to reach the peak of perfection@@


great job!


well, that’s so fantastic.
rich impressive to me…you really did great lighting and texturing.

anyway, nice job!


awsome work! all that detail


comments? this is totally perfect. All i’ll give you is 5 stars. there you go.


it’s really perfect.


while the final product is really cool…it looks pretty high poly for a game character. how many polys is he with the full body?