Game character sculpt


I’m working through a tutorial by ,Johnathan Williams, to make a low poly game character.

Original concept from the series.

I’ve just started the high poly sculpt.


I would recommand to correct your topology

It’s better for animation and High Sculpt because you have quad that are Square


Thanks Scote for the reply. I should have explained the work flow. It’s starts with a low ploy base mesh to block in the basic forms. Then a high poly sculpt is made using the base mesh. I will create new topology using the high poly sculpt as a guide.

I’m very new at this so I don’t even know if there is another work flow that is more efficient. I’m just following the on in the tutorial.


The workflow you’re following now is the correct methodology tibbi - Topologising for animation prior to sculpting is wasted effort and has a detrimental effect on smoothing. Right now you should just be aiming for evenly spaced quads with increased density in areas of high detail.


Thank you:) At least I’m on the right track.


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