Game: Blocks


This is my old game. It was created for some 3d/internet competition. Kinda 3d tetris…
Click the “Options” button to see the controll keys.


wow strange no one replied yet, I think your coding must be absolutely impressive! such handling of 3d, great job!! haven’t seen that sort of game around


would it be possible to control the game with the mouse only?


Hey! Thanx! I was playing this sort of game about 8 eyars ago in MS-Dos :slight_smile: I desided to make it in flash, that is perfectly suits all the needs (maybe except of speed).

would it be possible to control the game with the mouse only?
Good idea! But i just have no time for this.



cant even begin to think about what it took to make that…

do you think this could be incroporated into a really nifty navagational web site?


Hello! Yep! One month and lorry of cigarettes
I already thought of insertion 3D engine into web navigation (menus, frames etc.) Maybe some day… Need ideas and time!:slight_smile:


Wow, Very Cool! I see many many uses for this.


cool game i really like it!!! Makes me think about my game-boy…


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