Game Art: Shrek, Pixelpuppet (3D)


Great stuff! I tired my hand at a Paul Dini bats using Rhino and was surprised how cool that style is in 3D. They should make an animated 3D movie in that style one day. Great work!


That Shrek is right on! :buttrock:


beautiful ! im loving the “skrek Turnaround” on your webby too. and that funny lil tin headed dude is quick good too !



he was born in November 7, 1972

:smiley: just 3 days older than me! :stuck_out_tongue: … I like low-polys very much :thumbsup:


Good work man,

I like your originals the most 1) because the kick ass and 2) personal preference. It’s always good to see the style of the artist.




your Jimmy Neutron is freakin awesome.


Originally posted by Big D

If you’re promoting that, you should really consider changing your avatar :wink: I kid, I kid :smiley:

PiXeLPuPPeT I really dig your turnaround, I did something similiar in fact with flash also

Your’s is cool because it’s much simplier :slight_smile: With mine although it’s a bit more complex it’s still easy to update, all I have to do is drop the rendered frames in a movieclip :slight_smile: we should talk one of these days.

salud and awesome work, well deserved the plug :thumbsup:


very nice, i aggre though that batman doesnt hold up against the others, the other 3 are awesome.



Just woke up this morning and discovered an amazing amount of replies…


Good responses too…
I would like to clear a few things up about my work.

None of this was ever done with nurbs or subdivision techniques.

And yes i do agree that some of them are done rather high in polycount.

I do have various levels of detail for some of these models, that would be a little friendlier to next generation consoles.
And I have used all LOD on our PSII, XBox and GC test stations and it runs fine.

Fortunately though, Krome Studios Engine pushes poly’s like you wouldn’t believe and has no problems whatsoever throwing any of these characters around with ease.

And yes … All the models have the true polycount.

Max and maya has this really neat little function where you can display your model in quads, turning off those horrible edges that make working messy… This allows you to see edge loops and help with creating a nice flow of geometry.
I dont like to see models displayed in triangles. Just looks a mess. So I allways work and present the edged faces off. The triangles do not magically dissapear upon exporting to the game engine. :wink:

Anyways …
Cheers for now
And thanks for the great replies…



Max and maya has this really neat little function where you can display your model in quads

where is that option located? :shrug:


One of the best game artists I’ve seen on here, seriously not kidding. I totally dig your shrek and the IronBark and of course Neutron. But I decided to enter Shrek into the gallery :slight_smile:

Please be sure to enter this into Expose you definitely have a chance

You have received the CGtalk choice award .Please feel free to display this image anywhere you like! Stunning work.

upon receiving this award, it guarantees you a spot in the cgtalk gallery hall of fame - which you are now placed

P.S. Please email me @ for the award .psd file



PiXeLPuPPeT mate well done for gettin tha Cgtalk award verygood to have u here showing us you models fella !



nice work Harris!


Originally posted by jayjun
Speaking of which, I like the old batman logo better. They shouldn’t have removed the upwards “hook” on the wing.

Friend, you must be young, because the logo that this artist is using IS the old logo. This logo was re-introduced by Frank Miller in the Dark Knight.

end of my nerdy rant :slight_smile:


Originally posted by lildragon
If you’re promoting that, you should really consider changing your avatar :wink: I kid, I kid :smiley:

Well, my avatar is… well, me lol. That was made from a scan of my face. My OWN visage is original, its mine and mine only. ANYWAYS :stuck_out_tongue: LOL Lil Dragon must have a thing for Shrek.

Once again great models! :thumbsup:


Dont Remove Batman!!

Despite what that guy said, he looks the best. Batman actually at one point was square like that. It was during the Animated Series that still sometimes airs on Cartoon Network. That actually looks just like him! Very good job and keep up the good work!


Love the Ned Kelly look-a-like!

hahahaha[coughcoughGASP] eerrr excuse me…

“such is life” and so on and so on…

ummmm great work


fantastic lowpoly. batman seems to be a little behind compaired to the others. He may need a little work.


Shrek is looking really cool. Both Model and Texture are amazing. Somehow I am not able to
check your website it is showing an error “page not displayed”.
Great job:thumbsup:


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