Game Art: Shrek, Pixelpuppet (3D)


These are just some of the characters I have
thought were worthy of showing around.
Feel free to comment on any of my work.

click on the image or goto

Look in the Low_Poly section for the game
Also look for the Flash Turnarounds thumbnail
next to the comments.

I have also posted in the Artists looking
for work section



awesome! shrek looks fantastic!


shrek was def my fav


Hey again, think i have commented on most of them before, still think you should concider removing batman, as all the otheres are much more 'photogenic :slight_smile: Really good all of them.




may i ask how old are u?


he was born in November 7, 1972:cool:


kick ass stuff. How come you don’t use triangles in your low poly characters? They all seem to be made out of quads only. I bet you could save some polycount if you used triangles in zig zag this way /////

Still, your stuff looks freak’n awesome.


Hey, great work man. Really liked it. :thumbsup:




great work


Batman rules! :xtreme:


Aaaah you’ve ripped the colors from cgtalk!! mwuahaha… :wink:

Nice work though!! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


I did use the cg colours …
Just found them to be so appealing.
: )


great stuff man!!



Very nice work! :beer:


wow, shrek is amazing, didn’t see it at first that he was low-poly, except for the lower part of his shirt beneath his belt… very nice


great work, I really like the Skyguard vehicle on your site. It looks like a lot of these could be plopped right into any current game a they would look great. Some of them seem a wee bit too high-poly though, espeically the tank. Although for newer games they are probably good.


Your original characters I like especially! Who needs another SHREK MODEL. LONG LIVE ORIGINALITY!!! :smiley:


I really like it all and I think Batman can stay! Your website is nice too. Keep up the good work!



Jimmy Neutron is :bounce:

I love Jimmy…


Batman model is fantastic. the whole look fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the recent cartoon series.

nicely done.