Game art mini challenge#2-Gate to a tomb-(jerre)


This is actually my first completed model so go easy.
the tomb of some warrior king from some gothic fantasy thing, you know the sort :stuck_out_tongue: those big strangely shaped columns will be horns of some mythical creature. the obelisk type thingies, the torches, the gate and the hallway will be decorated in a cathedral like fashion. The rest sand and rocks :slight_smile:
done in wings3d
399 triangles

Not yet unwrapped cos the wings unwrapper is proving to be wierd, it says numeric problemโ€ฆif anyone has a clue to the solution pls let me know :slight_smile:
all CnC is welcome and appreciated
Thx in advance

Edit: thx for moving it x)


i think, its the right position for your post. For wips you should make an own thread, how you made it. Or is it final? Its not textured yet, right? :wink:

so, i like the style, remember me on warcraft. i wanna see it textured! :wink:

best regards,


well I accidently posted it somewhere wrong but they moved it
thx, its not textured yet and wings unwrapper is horrid :frowning: but I might try it in another 3d program demo so fingers crossed :slight_smile:


iโ€™m waitting for mterials


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