Game Art Competition #7


Keep an eye on this thread in case of rule alterations and updates


THEME: Create a good likeness to a known cartoon character.

Ok. So you have to create a cartoon character for a liscenced game. Warner brothers or Disney characters CANNOT be used. The reason being is that liscenced games based on them are commonplace, and therefore, there would be nothing new to offer. So Batman, Superman, Donald duck, Mickey mouse, Goofy, Road runner, Daffy duck, Porky pig etc… cannot be chosen. Ive also decided to EXCLUDE Anime as well. You cant really judge Captain caveman against Rei Ayanami from Evangelion - theyre just TOO different. Anime is in a class of its own - Sorry! This, however, does not exclude old japanese made classic cartoons that we all know and grew up with, such as Battle of the planets, Gigantor and Speed racer. Other foreign toons are allowed, providing they are reasonably well known, such as Asterix, Smurfs etc…
If you have any questions about wether your chosen character would be allowed, dont hesitate to contact me in this thread.

The general idea is to create a cartoon character that hasnt yet been made into 3D. Thousands can be chosen from sources such as Hannah Barberra, MGM, 80s nostalgia, modern cartoons and vintage (40s) cartoons.
There may be a squabble over who will make the more well known characters, but im afraid only one of each character can be made - whoever chooses first will get to make it.


The models made must be 1500 TRIANGLES or less - including their props and accessories. Make every polygon count!

1x 256 map is allowed, and an alpha map if needed.
NO Bump, Normal or Specular maps can be used

The end result must have the material set up so that no lights affect the model at all. The only colour and illumination on your model should come from the texture map.


A thread must be started in the appropriate forum so feedback and progress reports can be posted.

Your WIP thread should be named as follows:

Game Art Comp 7: (Characters name) - (Series)


Game Art Comp 7: Matt Tracker - MASK

Try to provide some reference pictures or screencaps of your selected character at the start of your post - this way, we know what the character looks like, as well as giving us something to look forward to!

The contest begins as soon as you read this post. The deadline is May 20th. That gives you 20 days from the start of the competition - I feel this is more than adequate for a low polygon character with simple textures. Try to get your choices in as soon as you can, to avoid dissapointment.

On May 20th I will create a thread titled “Game Art Competition #7 Submissions” Your final images (all in the same post) should be posted in there for the judging. No one can make comments in that forum, leave that for the individual participant’s threads.

I need 5-10 volunteers to participate as judges. If you want to be a judge, say so in this thread, the first 10 will be chosen. Once the deadline is reached, each judge will award points to the top 3 entries they like the most.
3 points for 1st
2 points for 2nd
1 point for 3rd

Judges are asked to make their decision based on mesh construction, flexibility, poly density/topology, UVW mapping, and texture painting, with a strong emphasis on the credibility and likeness of the character.

Judging will take place May 20 - 25. The Winner will be announced once all the available judges have cast their vote.

Please take into account the lower polygon count - Every polygon must be well used, and be able to deform well in a versatile rig. Its preferable that your character is rigged, but not essential. Poses are so much more expressive than the ususal ‘T’ pose. UV space must also be taken into account, sharp lines need a fair bit of UV space, whereas plain areas of colour take up very little. The texture map MUST emulate the look of the character, meaining very little or no shading, and all the right colours and lines. Then finished character should look identical to how we remember it to be. Cel shading and ink outlines are allowed, but not essential.
Extravagant, photo real textures with patterns and fancy shading are not encouraged.


The winner of this competition will get to choose the subject and terms of the next competition, as well as getting maximum respek!

Thanks to Happosai311 for the base text from the previous competiton.

Best of luck to all, choose carefully and have fun!


Would Robotech characters be cool? I want to do Rick Hunter…

…or Max Sterling…


A few sites that will hopefully give you some ideas:


Yeah, robotech is ok - it falls into the category of 80s toons - even though its japanese, its dubbed into english, and a lot of us know what it is.


is “felix the cat” ok?


Sure is. Should be good having a black & white character.


I’m reserving my spot with Dudley Do-Right

I seem to be having trouble posting a new thread, so here’s my reservation untill it gets sorted.


Awsome i should be able to do this with little embarassment >_<


Some that i hope to see:

Someone please make carl from aqua teen hunger force :slight_smile:

Ren and Stimpy stuff

Sealab 2021 stuff (make murphy in honor of his dead voice actor :()



Space Ghost, Birdman etc


Cant wait to see what ones people come up with i forgot >_<


Doubt anybody would be making Timmy from Fairly Odd Parents, from time to time they do hilarious 3d action shots.


are x men and voltron ok


Yeah. Theyre ok. I was hoping not to see a million and one superhero entries, so as long as everyone doesnt follow suit and make the entire cast of X-men, im ok with it.

Somebody do powdered toast man! Hes the best superhero I know!


are transformers ok? I’m thinking Optimus or Megatron


i can judge…


Originally posted by Andy H
Somebody do powdered toast man! Hes the best superhero I know!


That would rule!!

There are just so many cool ass ones to do that arnt over done already >_<


seems the restrictions are set up more toward the cartoony types. i still cant decide which one i want to do.:hmm:


I will commend you on keeping it simple, by just saying 1 map. That way you’re gonna be avoiding the mass confusion again. It’s also unfair to judge a normal mapped character versus a non-normal mapped character.

I think i will be passing on this one though, it’s just too quick after the last one and i still haven’t even gone back and finished Kakikara. :confused:


Yeah, I thought hard about making it a single 256 map. It seems really low, but bearing in mind that a lot of a cartoon characters body is solid colour, so you can shrink the UV space down a lot.
Go ooon - you may as well enter - my Dogtanian is more than half finished and i’ve only spent about 6 hours on it! Its a very quick competition - thats the idea. Its so that the model can be made quickly, and if they feel the need to, they can spend the remaining time on rigging or presentation.
In a sense, im worried that some folks may find it too easy, some people who did well in the last comp havent got entries yet.


ill judge again.


Ok. you gonna enter?