Game Art Comp 9: Wolf - Tribal warrior


[size=2]A member of the Pawnee tribe, with his mighty fangs and sharp teeth the wolfman striked fear into the hearts of his enermies. Fighting using both his natural weapons and a sharp spear, the wolfman was an unpleasant foe to face…

Wolf - Tribal warrior
[size=1](latest update goes here)

The first rough concept is now finished, I might very well redesign parts of his outfit before I translate this into the final 3d-model. I will try to be as accurate as possible with all clothing details and accessories. Im aming at about 3300 polys for the character and 200 for his weapons and additional thingies. :slight_smile:

I hope I can pull this through before the end of the deadline, I’m admittedly jumped into this contest a bit late since I originally wasn’t planning on participating. But I couldn’t help myself, the theme was too good this time. :smiley:


Ok, got some time over this morning to model this, about half an hour of work so far.
I hope you like his torso. :slight_smile:

Wolf - Tribal Warrior [size=1](work in progress, update 01)[/size]

Oh, and it’s somewhere around 300-400 polys so far.


wow, that looks great so far :thumbsup:


Looks like a really nice & clean base mesh. You have created a nice form and volume with very few polys. Great work so far, and great concept. Can’t wait to see more.


Ok, here’s another small update, got most of the basemesh complete already… have begun working on a head, but it’s not worth showing yet.

Tribal Wolf Warrior [size=1](work in progress, update 02)



very ql, this will be good model

one question, i’m working in 3dsmax, how can i render like this model (polys + wire visible)?


Your mesh flow is near perfect. You shouldn’t have any trouble with creating detail for the mesh. The other models on your site look equally well designed. You may have a strong entry with this. Keep it up. You could possibly add more tribal decoration that was common for Pawnee warriors such as red and black war paint, bone necklaces, etc.


DigitalSkunkwrx, crimson13: Thanks, it’s nice to hear that my work is appreciated. :love:

ArYeS: Sorry, as I’m a Maya user since many years, Im afraid I can’t help you out. But the images I’ve shown so far arn’t renders, just screencaps. :slight_smile:

ElysiumGX: Thanks for your kind words, I like your suggestions about war paint and the necklace. I had already thought of these, I think they will fit the character perfectly. :smiley:

Enough shitchat, here’s the first update today… hope to find some more time to work on it today.
(I’ve also created the basemesh for the legs, but want to work a bit more on them before showing them).

I’m currently on 1350 polys for the entire mesh so far, got some more to play with… :slight_smile:

Tribal Wolf Warrior [size=1](work in progress, update 03)[/size]

Bite me!


this tells everything, tnx for answer

MODEL: its just great, HEAD ROXZS


ArYeS: Glad to be of any help. :slight_smile:

Another small update, I hope that the proportions work so far… might adjust this some more in a couple of hours. Also, there are some polys that I’ll have to add on his legs before they are anywhere near final…

Tribal Wolf Warrior [size=1](work in progress, update 04)



Ok, this is all I’ve got for today, atleast it’s something. :slight_smile:

Tribal Wolf Warrior [size=1](work in progress, update 05)



I might sound a little over excited but this is beautiful, inspiring even. Great use of of polys and the meshflow is superb. You’ve used smoothing groups to add definition so well. Whats the polycount at the moment?


mighty nice. It looks like you gave him two middle deltoid. i would bring the clavical to the bottom of the stern area down some, so you give his neck region a down ward slope instead of a hoizontal feel. the head need to be a bit bigger too. bring down the whole arme as well, but just a little. love


[size=2]H[/size][size=2]e[/size][size=2]he, I hope I can keep up this pace… since there are only a few weeks until I start attending Playground Squad (game development education in sweden), I hope to have this model finished by then. :thumbsup:

Oldbean: Wow, thanks! When I started working on it this morning, it was 1998 tris - now it’s 2012 tris.[/size][size=2]:D[/size]
YerEvilTwin: I think I’ve corrected some of the areas you mentioned, I like it better this way. Feel free to comment on any other part of the design as well… I know the mesh ain’t near perfect yet, but Im working on that. :rolleyes:
Tribal Wolf Warrior[/size]
[size=1](work in progress, update 06)



Well done tribesman! :twisted: Its cool bro I am waiting for the progress and the details, (very nice idea putting rastas/dreadlocks) put some earings too.

Keep it up. :scream: aouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…arghhhh


make the forearm muscles span the elbow joint so you don’t get that sausage look that your getting. and bring the whole arm closer to the torso a bit more. make the snout on the face wider on top, he has more of a fox than a wolf look. bicept should be smaller and tricept should be bigger. love


[size=2]YerEvilTwin: As always, good suggestions. I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t notice how wierd the arm looked from this perspective, thanks for pointing it out for me. :slight_smile:
[size=2]It’s still only 2026 tris, got loads of polys to work with…

[/size]Tribal Wolf Warrior [size=1](work in progress, update 06)



very nice mesh flow, really like the concept to, keep it up, lookin great!


[size=2]Slythis: Thanks, will do! :slight_smile:

There, finished the hands today (complete with claws), they landed at about 300 tris each, a bit much so I might optimize these later. Current tricount: 2642.
Tribal Wolf Warrior
[size=1](work in progress, update 07)



very nice so far, again, your mesh flow is beautiful, and i don’t really see anything thats to neccisary to tweak much, your snout looks a little undersize in comparison to the rest of the head though, great work so far! can’t wait to see this textured :thumbsup: