Game Art Comp 9: Warthog - Mongol empire


Latest WIP:

See my last post for details.


Great subject choice! Can’t wait to see it…


Here you go Adam!

This is the first concept sketch. Not really sure about the outfit, still have to do some serious research into the mongol army.
This sketch is just a quick test on the general proportions I might be going for.

Feedback is welcome as always.


Its been a slow start for me on this one. Time to get those modelling gears in motion.
This is the sketch I’ll be using as the main reference. Im not out on the color scheme yet, but I think it’s time to get the modelling on the road.


Beautiful sketch, Supervlieg. :thumbsup: Nice job on the attire, and I love the braid he’s got going on. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see how this turns out.


Excellent design mister vlieg!
I really like the proportions.
Now get modeling, son! I wont be pleased if you dont finish this in time for the deadline…


sweet, now to the modeling stage I say


Thanks everyone, I’m on it :slight_smile:


Great concept with an attitude!!

I almost imagine him shouting and snorring in chinese or japanese!!!

Of to the model!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Made a start on the head!


Another update


Another update. I really dont like the hands, so they will be replaced.


Nice model Supervlieg. I really like the proportions. Looking foward to seeing it finished.


nice clean modeling…and i dig ur sketch very much! confident lineworks!


i like the head and the legs, nice mesh, am waiting for an update


Thanks everyone! The model is coming along fine (though not very quick)

I will post an update today!


Here’s an update on Mr. Hog. I got about 6-700 polies left for the props. And I intend to use 'em :slight_smile:



And the wire


Good proportions and characterisation - he looks like sometihng out of a proper PS2 platform type game.

I think his torso is a bit too low poly, but as you said - he needs the rest for the props etc.

nice work


Thanks Andy. I think youre right about the torso. I might use some spare polies to add another edgeloop.