Game Art Comp #9: Submissions


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Post comments in the individual participant’s threads, or the guidelines thread.

Deadline for entries: Sept. 5th 11pm EST

Your final images (all in the same post) should be posted here for judging. Posting a descriptive link to the images is fine and encouraged, with atleast one image displayed in the post to show off…preferrably the beauty shot.



  1. Short Description of your Character, Uniform, and Period of Time represented.
  2. A link to your original thread showing progress.
  3. The polygon count (in triangles) of your completed mesh.


  1. A concept image of your selected character and selected uniform. The concepts can be a quick doodle, but should be as clear as you can get them, showing as much of your idea as possible. A reference image of the uniform may also be helpful.

  2. 1 orthographic front view, 1 orthographic back view, and 1 orthographic side view screencaps of the model. They should be viewport captures of the solid wireframe view mode (or equivalent), with no texturing visible. Compile the 3 views into one image.
    Make sure you use default viewport lighting and hide any items that may obscure these screencaps (bones, lights, cameras etc…)

  3. Selection of perspective images showing off your character at different angles, or in different poses (if rigged). Images should be compiled into one picture, and it must be no bigger than 1024x768.

  4. Show us the texture for the character.
    One image showing the color texture used. If you want, you can overlay the UVs on top to show them unwrapped. Also provide links to any other maps used.

  5. The beauty shot. Pose your character somehow, and place him in his enviroment. The character can simply be standing at ease, but try to avoid a stiff, lifeless pose used during the design. Render it as you see fit, and use whatever methods you feel will portray it well. Make the image no bigger than 800x600.


3 points for 1st place
2 points for 2nd place
1 point for 3rd place

Judges are asked to give focused critiques in the areas of:

  1. Mesh construction, flexibility, polygon density, topology.

  2. UVW mapping and texture painting and manipulation, effective use of normal maps (if used).

  3. Unique presentation of the character and accuracy of the uniform, and overall artistic result.

Current judges are:

Andy H

Good luck.


Russian Raccoon Soldier
2892 tris

The raccoon was always picked on by the other animals for being messy and having no self respect, for digging in trash cans. So he went off and stole a soldier’s uniform in an attempt to look formal and gain respect. Well despite his best efforts he still can’t resist digging into the first trash can he can find. He took up the Bazooka in an attemp to look cool, despite teh fact that his uniform doesn’t match with the weapon choice. Another poor decision by a simple minded creature.

(down-sized from 1024x1024)


Gorilla- Mughal Empire
3118 Triangles

In the early sixteenth century, descendants of the Mongol, Turkish, Iranian, and Afghan invaders of South Asia–the Mughals–invaded India under the leadership [color=white]of Babur. Two centuries later --The Mughal army is on the move again, Courageous [/color][color=white]and noble Gorilla is leading his troops through extraordinarily rich [/color][color=white][color=black][color=white]architectural majesty, which includes the Taj Mahal and the city of [/color][/color][color=black][color=white]Delhi[/color][color=white], on [/color][/color][color=white]their way to conquer the [/color][/color][color=black][color=white]Deccan[/color][color=white] and the northwest beyond the [/color][/color][color=black][color=white]Khyber[/color][color=white]Pass.[/color][/color]
Uniform: 18th Century suit of green velvet inlaid with gold.


Rabbit- WWII German soldier
2244 tris

CGtalk WIP thread:

Story (for those who like to read)
This rabbit is the result of yet infamous and in fact very strange plan of the
Germans (invented during the World War II). At the beginning the plan
was quite simple- the Germans planned to send rabbits in the enemy territories.
The rabbits should had eaten all the carrots in these territories before the German
armed forces have arrived. Carrots are very important because they contain
vitamin “A”, which is important for the vision. No vitamin “A” meant no good
vision of the German’s enemies, which meant victory. But nothing goes as it’s
planned- the Germans soon realized that the rabbits prefer cabbage
So they
decided to create mutant rabbits. This part was successful- the mutants were
very smart, in fact they learned how to fight, talk and even smoke cigarettes.
They received their own uniforms and weapons (MP 40). The rabbit forces
were called “Wabbit SS”. Everything was arranged (even propaganda
posters). But the plan failed again- it came out that the mutation was
only temporary. But it was too late- the rabbits were already sent. So
when the wagons arrived they were full with ordinary rabbits. The Germans
quickly forgot about this unsuccessful plan.
But some of the rabbits remained mutants. They escaped in the mountains.
People call them “Big Foot” (their feet are really big). They do exist, really!

Beauty shot:

“One rabbit, one target (aim), no carrots!”

PS: I apologize for any bother which the signs may cause.


British Bulldog Sargeant from the period of the peninsular war (1808-1813).


3348 tris


Revolutionary Soldier Eagle
2440 tris
Original Thread

I basically wanted to do an all american bald eagle revolututionary soldier.

The clothing is kind of a generic combination of a few different uniforms. The website with my reference decided to go down right when i began to texture.

Original concept

Final shot


nvidia man , nvidia


Oryx (gemsbok) American Indian Warrior (navajo)

3411 tris

Wip thread

Being the only gemsbok on the North American continent at the time, not to mention the only half gemsbok half human, the Gohwayh tribe saw this legendary warrior as a god. Who led them to victory time and time again.

Original Concept

Body Textures

Weapon Textures


Various Views


Crusader White Lion

3494 tris

WIP thread

A devoted soldier fighting in the name of the cross,marching to Jerusalem…

Wires, Orthos and Concept



Good Luck to everyone!


African/Roman Rhino Gladiator
WIP thread
3483 tris

Fun competition everybody, some really cool entries. Hopefully next time I’ll get to spend more time on my entry :frowning:

I did a captured African Chief turned Gladiator -

Didn’t do a formal concept drawing, just little doodles here and there, hope that’s no big deal. Most of my ideas for the character were taken from this website.



the body map is 1024x1024. The armor map is 512x512. Downsized for display.
diffuse and normal

beauty render:


German World War 1 Panda Flametrooper
3494 Tri’s - WIP - Thread




[left]TEXTURES: (main body 1024 - diffuse + alpha, weapon 512 - diffuse + alpha)[/left]
Main body texture downscaled for display.

Posed Render: (Thanks ElisiumGX! :slight_smile: )

[left]Good luck to all!!! :smiley: [/left]


[i][size=2]Pawnee Tribe

"[/i][/size][size=2]A member of the Pawnee tribe, with his mighty fangs and sharp teeth the wolfman striked fear into the hearts of his enermies. Fighting using both his natural weapons and a sharp spear, the wolfman was an unpleasant foe to face…"[/size]
[/size]3216 triangles (including props) & one 1024x1024px diffuse texture.

Link to work in progress thread

All right, this is it. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish his totempole/spear-combo in time for the deadline… I had planned to use my 512px texture for that weapon… :blush:

Concept Art

Beauty render


The deadline has past. We now have 10 submissions. Not bad.

Judges please take time this week to post your critiques for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. View the concepts and renders as a means to judge artistic ability…but focus your critique on the game asset itself (in other words, don’t take away points if they forget to post a concept or beauty render). You may post critiques for all 10 entries if you like, or simply reply in the WIP threads.

I’ll judge last and announce the winners. :deal:


I broke it down by judging 4 points for each catagory, Possible 12 points for the model that has everything. From these totals I decided who gets my vote for first, second and third.
I was very tough on giving out points.

Neil-Russian Raccoon Soldier

  1. Mesh construction…
    I like the slump of the neck and head, gives him a cool gesture. The legs and torso are kinda looking flat in the side view.
    You where way under the max polycount, and maybe putting more detail in the legs or feet,
    or use them in the torso to form a more round one, would be good.(I could see him as a pear shape:p) The fingertips
    look dark in the renders, maybe this is a smoothing issue? I do like your use of opacity maps.Also, he seems to have good leg
    deformation in the view of him kneeling. (2points)

  2. UVW mapping and texture painting …
    .I Love the raccoon parts of this texture, great job on them. The details on the eye and the
    garbage are nicely done too. The clothe could use a few more folds painted, and some attention
    to the back of him could be done(detail in the back of the coat, ect…), but it’s looking good.(3points)

  3. Unique presentation…
    He’s pretty unique, and I can definitly tell he is a Russian soldier. I like what you wrote about him, but I
    wouldn’t from just looking at him think of him as simpleminded. Nice lighting in the final render.(3points)


Monkeybot-Gorilla- Mughal Empire

  1. Mesh constru…
    The forms are really well defined in this model, and I like how you did the clothe.(3points)

  2. UVW mapping…
    The texture looks a little flat, and the repeating texture of the clothe doesn’t look to have any folds or anything
    to break up the pattern.(2point)

  3. Unique presentation…
    The concept and model are great, the texturing needs just a bit more work. I can see what you are going for with multiple guys standing there in the last render, but they are all standing the same angle, and it is confusing. Also the painting of the background looks unfinished.(3points)


Tzax-Rabbit- WWII German soldier

  1. Mesh construct…
    The mesh looks clean, but the shapes look kinda unrefined(as far as the silhouette.) (2points)

  2. UVW mapping…
    The map looks realy good on the model, and the hands and boots really stand out as well done.
    The eyes could have been brought out, with some highlights.(4points)

  3. Unique presentation…
    Although creating a Nazi soldier is a very common theme because they make good bad guys, you have a very unique spin on it with your backstory. The poster is just cool.(3points)


Funkyrayuk-British Bulldog Sargeant from the period of the peninsular war (1808-1813).

  1. Mesh constru…
    You have a lot of good shapes starting, but some things stand out as needing work: knee/Leg muscles,
    shoulders(too wide,) hat rim. His gesture is nice in all the views though.(2points)

  2. UVW mapping…
    The texture stands out as very fun. There is a lot of unused space though.
    Also, in the renders you can see a seam on his left leg.(2points)

  3. Unique presenta…
    It is a cool concept, and a very recognizable costume. The final render is a good idea, but his placement looks kinda strange(maybe a composition issue.)(3points)


Digdoug-Revolutionary Soldier Eagle

  1. Mesh constr…
    You kept the polycount low, and really, he doesn"t look lower than some of the higher poly entries.
    The hat could have used a little more detail to hold the curves, but very nitpicky type stuff.(4points)

  2. UVW mapping…
    Great Map! I think it may be a good thing your reference went offline, cause you map has style!
    Layout looks good too.The map really helps him look like a completed ingame model.(4points)

  3. Unique presen…
    Your poses look more interesting than your final shot, and he isn’t the most original idea, but your overall presentation was very tight. The character also looks to have a lot of personality.(3points)


Devised_Poly-Oryx (gemsbok) American Indian Warrior (navajo)

  1. Mesh constr…
    Your mesh has a lot going for it, it is very round where it needs to be in the torso and face,
    and I like the way you used opacity maps to make the headdress and feathers. His shield stands out as blocky, and his legs and arms, and hands could use some more shaping(anatomy!) (2points)

  2. UVW mapping …
    The texture has some parts that stand out as well done, (the detail in the torso, and the feathers) but there is color bleading under his pecs, and the shading and detail isn’t consistant. Also on his arms you can see some hard edges making seams, I can’t tell if this is due to smoothing groups or to a texture seam.(1point)

  3. Unique presentation…
    The concept is sound, and the uniform looks accurate. Unfortunately, I don’t see a full shot of the front of him with the texture on him, so it is a bit hard to judge the overall model. I would have loved to see him in a battle pose,or dancing or something.(2points)


terraarc-Crusader White Lion

  1. Mesh constru…
    While the mesh looks good overall, and defintely the mouth is sweet, there is just some things off about the modeling of the muzzle (sideview.) Also, his clothe over his armor looks kinda flat, no overlapping over his belt,or folds like you see in the reference. The armor on his shoulders is cool, and seems to deform well in your renders. (2points)

  2. UVW mapping…
    The texture has a very realistic theme, and the detail is pretty consistant and working well. As I said in the no.1 catagory, I would have liked to see some clothe like wrinkles, and the shield come out as a little undetailed(even with your good spec map,) but still great effert on it!(3points)

  3. Unique present…
    The concept is not very unique, but the execution was very good. The action shots show he has the potential to have a variety of expressions on his face, and the shots are exciting.(3points)


Kwak-African/Roman Rhino Gladiator

  1. Mesh construc…
    Great shaping, deforms good in the rendered shots, not much more to comment on.(4points)

  2. UVW mappin…
    Normal mapping really helped him. The painted map works well with it. There is a few spots where the detail thins out- his face(especailly his lips,) the pec muscles, the finger and toe(No nails.)(3points)

  3. Unique presenta…
    Although presentation is good; the very small amount of costume required to be considered a gladiator has not helped the Uniqueness of your character.Also when i was looking at him I can’t help thinking of the cave troll from Lord of the Rings. The final shot is very nice, especailly the blood from the arrow wound. (3points)


Serul-German World War 1 Panda Flametrooper

  1. Mesh construct…
    Looks good, great shapes, I don"t see much you could change.The gasmask eyeholes are
    looking a little lowpoly.(4points)

  2. UVW mapping…
    Very clean map, but not a lot of detail, as far as shading, but it works well with your character.(4points)

  3. Unique presentation…
    A lot of flamethrower characters have been created, but I never have seen a panda one. Even though it is not a requirement to have him rigged for a beauty render, I would have liked to see him holding the flame thrower and posed.Also, I think a little more thought into what a panda flametrooper would carry with him could have pused the Uniform in a more creative way(like does he carry a pack of smokes or a picture of his wife,a med kit for his burns, ect…)(2points)


Sysop-Tribal Wolf Warrior

  1. Mesh construct…
    The legs are a little odd, I think the lowest part of his leg could be more thin, showing the bone makeup. Everything else looks good to me.(3points)

  2. UVW mapping…
    The texture is very nicely painted, but there are seam issues(the feet, where the arms meet the torso.)(2points)

  3. Unique presentation…
    Whenever you do a wolf with human characteristics, you are going to run into the problem of him looking like a werewolf, and this guy just looks like a werewolf to me. the concept painting was cool, and the costume is good, but he needs some
    work to bring out the uniqueness of the design. The render of him make him look viscious, I think the totem pole weapon may have helped him look a little more like a
    tribal warrior.(2points)


So my votes go as follows:

1st Digdoug-Revolutionary Soldier Eagle
2nd Serul-German World War 1 Panda Flametrooper
3rd Kwak-African/Roman Rhino Gladiator

Honorable mention to Tzax for his great texture work.


Once again, its a bit of a disapointment that so few could make the (ludicrously generous!) deadline.
There are some great entries here, so im gonna be extra critical and picky.

Neil - Racoon soldier
Great, simple concept with a funny backstory. Nice clean wires, if a little sparse around his hips / crotch. This creates a problem when it deforms a few of the poses. The proportions and the posture / placement of the head go together really well. Nice textures, with good layout and UV distribution, but i feel that some of the cloth textures are a little plain with not much emphasis on light and shadow, dirt or creases. Good presentation.

Monkeybot - Mughal gorilla
Original choice of warrior, if a little predictable having a gorilla as it. Good geometry, with sensible mesh flow - particularily on the cloth on his shoulders. I think the head could definately use fewer polys, and more could be used on the hands, which dont seem to have as much definition as the rest of the body. Poses are average - i wouldve liked to have seen more of the gorillas natural stances in them - he looks too human - especially on the walking pose. Functional textures, if a little basic. More shading and detail would be nice - especially on his skin and fur, and more variation on his clothes. Poor beauty render - multiple clones of the character positioned badly, and all in the same poses. The lighting doesnt match at all, and the photoshopped background doesnt fit.

Tzax - WWII Rabbit
Nice topology with a neatly modeled gun. The porportions are dissapointingly standard (man with an animals head) and seem very chunky and shapeless for such an agile creature. Textures are excellent - by far the best thing about it - really brings it to life. Nice colours too. Good beauty render. An excellent piece only slightly let down by the chunky arms and legs and small head.

Funkyrayuk - Bulldog
This piece has improved a lot since you started it, and i feel that you learned a lot. Good proportions and posture, but the arms and legs seem a little bendy. Functional mesh, with few wasted polys. nicely unwrapped UVs, but i think some of it is a bit wasteful - the giant space allocated to the eye for instance - yet you cant make out any of the detail on the final piece. Textures are painted ok, if a little too blurry and over saturated. More detail on the clothes would improve it. Beauty render is ok, but the lighting doesnt match, shadows look too sharp and the pose seems a little limp, but its a nice idea. Placing game characters into photographs is always a tricky business.

DigDoug - Revoloutionary eagle
Excellent design with very good proportions. Good topology, with a well modeled head and legs. Nice poses, but the eyes look kinda dead, like they cant move around. superb uv placement, colours and painting skills - especially on the feathered areas and the feet. Not sure what kind of pose hes striking in the beauty render - it looks kinda awkward and unnatural, and the fingers look really blocky - even for low poly.

Devised poly - Navajo Oryx
Clean mesh with good muscle definition. The legs seem a little shapeless compared to the well made shoulders and arms. Proportions are a bit too ‘man like’ in my opinion. well painted textures - especially for the weapons but the body texture seems a little simplified though - almost like its cel shaded or something.

Terraarc - Crusader lion
Nice idea and concept. Good geometry, but i think his chest is unnaturally wide on the front view, yet the shoulders are not. I think broader shoulders wouldve made this look better. The whole torso seems really straight and flat, and its difficult to tell where his waist is. Nice cat-like feet. Excellent, detailed textures - especially on the head and arms. Overall, a great model, with a few flaws on the body shaping.

Kwak - rhino gladiator
Brilliant mesh with equally brilliant poly distribution and proportions. Good muscle definition, especially on the arms and legs. Good design, with nice asymmetry - he LOOKS strong and mighty. Incredible textures! Some of the best ive seen - up to pre-rendered quality. Good beauty render - shows off the model really well, but it also hilights a lighting/ texturing problem with the mouth.

Serul - Flametrooper panda.
Probably the best design in the competition - its just great! Original animal and weapon choice. Fantastic proportions and a really tidy mesh with very nice hands and shoulders. Good uv layout with well painted textures. I think that the maps could use more shading and detail especially on the jacket and fur. Thats the only lil thing that could improve it.

Sysop - Tribal wolf
Well realised concept painting, that is very close to the final model. Great proportions, with very well modeled arms and legs. The chest muscles are well defined. Outstanding texture painting, with amazing looking fur all over and shading and fake shadows that really add to it. Great colours too. Fantastic beauty render that really gives him a prescence and shows off the whole thing well. Its a shame he couldnt be posed. The only faults i can see is that the skull on his shoulder could do with rounder eye sockets, and sharp edges on the teeth. The top of the feet have a rather unsightly seam, and the eyes on the character look a little too glowy as well.

Ok here we go! It was extremely hard deciding between sysop and seruls entries, but kwak’s was definately my favourite.

1st place - KWAK - Rhino gladiator - 3 points
2nd place - Sysop - Tribal wolf - 2 points
3rd place - Serul - flametrooper panda - 1 point

Congrats to the winner and to all who finished!


Totally dont agree with the first round of judging,

I would have to agree with the second judge…

The rhino is the best for sure I think.


[color=White][color=White]I was hoping that some of the others that joined up could have made it, but they bit the dust, life goes on…

Also who ever made it, and actually got done is a winner, so get ready. :twisted:[/color]

Neil: Russian Raccoon Soldier[/color]

First I have to say that I really like the design you’ve chosen for the Challenge, among most yours is one of greats in originality, and personality. Your mapping wasted little or no space, I do think that you made it a bit dark making it hard to see most of the details, I use his eye’s as an example. On the other hand the face and head are excellent, and I love his accessories, this makes the modeling look authentic, compliant to your mini plot… As for the modeling, the shape is great but the topology is hardly fair, you’ve put to many faces were they weren’t needed and to few faces were there should have been more, plus like dtrimble said you could have used more polies all round. But Neil don’t sweat it! all and all you did a great job, keep slugging out at your modeling skills…

Monkeybot: Gorilla Mughal Empire

Your concept for this project is really cool, like Disney material, and all of us are a bit more enlightened about the history of interest ;). Your idea was very original and complemented to the challenge. I like your topology strait to the point, unfortunately there is a bit lack of detail in the modeling, the hands and feet could have used some more faces to add more definition, when your modeling flat surfaces always use less faces, there not needed in these areas. In turn were there is lots of curves or rounded surfaces use more faces, this makes for a good balanced topology. As a note, the head has way too many polies. In general I think that for the poly count you could have gotten more bang for buck. Same problem with the texture job, way to repetitive with no real shade–to–shape suggestion. Finally the Gorillas eyes are obtuse, they don’t have a point of direction, this always takes the life away from a character. The poses are not interesting having no flavor, finally the beauty render should have exposed your peace in all it’s spirit and artistic form.

Tzax: Rabbit WWII German soldier

The 2d concept is very poor, not original and common looking, outside of a rabbit playing the part of a Nazi (lol), and outside of the eagle insignia it really doesn’t look like a German WW2. But, this is one dang good peace of work, well executed and designed characters with a nice gat to mach. I think that you could have placed the faces with a bit more balance, being less on the ears, face, and neck, pit of the arms and crouch… The textures are great they are painted to look believable, but they are very blurred. I like the poses, the beauty shot is a good representation… du bist Fuhrer manN! lol

funkyrayuk: British Bulldog Sargeant (1808-1813)

O_o Dude in the word “flat!” I can critic the idea and execution, it is a guy with a pit bull head… Now the topology is good, but something bothers me about the chest area in the wire frame, and to many polies on the shoes, but other then that there’s nothing else to crit on the modeling part, you did a great job there… The texturing looks bad, dark and dull I think it was a rush job, the hats shine shouldn’t have been painted on. And the shading is very bad. Lastly the beauty shot is poor, the back drop doesn’t fit the character, I can tell that the photo is an after battle fielder, after all the soldiers have been killed, so it really doesn’t fit.

DigDoug: Revolutionary Soldier Eagle

wow, this was a surprise when I first seen it, this peace is good all around you’ve done a great job, now clap for your self! lol on the serious part I have no critic on model, it is excellent, it’s only rivaled by the design of the model cartoony and lovable, I would like to see this character in a game for sure. The texturing is also a winner, for the most part. But the inside of the moth is all wrong, it looks like you got a lil lazy on that one, just blacking I mean, plus the eyes don’t look focused, lifeless as I told Monkeybot above. The beauty render is good, but for the quality of the work, it deserved more imagination.

Devised_Poly: American Indian Warrior

Good model, the concept is O.K. the design is good. But Although the design is good it looks more like a medicine man then legendary Indian worrier. I have no qualms with the topology you modeled your character well. The texturing is flat or 2d looking and has been rushed and the alphas don’t look right either, I can tell when someone is trying but new, being sloppy, or just plain bad, you are trying and that’s good.

terraarc: Crusader White Lion

Your Crusader was modeled very blocky you should have defined a better body shape, maybe gave him a good muscle structure to mach that Lion of a head. The torso is too wide and shoulders don’t mach in the slightest similarly to what Andy said above. The character design isn’t balanced. Now the texturing is good, with a lot of detail and thought put behind it, overall I like it but still I think it looks a lil messy…

KWAK: African/Roman Rhino Gladiator

I don’t see, any problem with the modeling although I miss that shoulder Armour :frowning: the design is to me exactly the original idea (Rhino Gladiator) executed very well… If I was to critic the modeling in any way you can burn me to the stake as a nitpicker, because there is no truly perfect model. The texture is almost as flawless as the model, making the peace a real eye opener, no matter what, simply the best! it brings out all the final richness of the design. Though the texturing of the belt doesn’t make much sense, with all those useless small belts buckled to that fat band around his waste. lastly great work on the beauty render…

Serul: Panda Flametrooper

Very original and sooo cute! I’ve always liked pandas, your design is excellent! I love the concept you drew up, the modeling topology is flawless not one mistake I could think of. You’ve used the face allowance you were given very, very well, and obviously portrayed your idea with the same insight. The panda’s overall texture is rather plain I would agree, but I also think that it enhances the look of your character, so no harm done. good final render :smiley:


Excellent concept, that really started the character/project off right. It is yet another wonderfully modelled peace for the challenge with a great eye for proportion and design, I love the hands and feet although I think the feet should have looked more heavy or chunky. The head I especially like, the emotion portrays a angered spirit, yes definitely a worrier. Your texturing ability is like dang!, I love the way you do fur, and the alpha maps are well used, I know that with more time the beauty render would have been eye popping. so keep it up…

KWAK well your da bes in my humble opinion, sysop has a cool peace but seruls was more my taste, also Tzax and DifDoug were excellent, again the best to all who joined and finished.

1st place - KWAK - Rhino gladiator - 3 points
2st place - Serul - Panda Flametrooper - 2 points
3st place - sysop - TRIBAL WOLF WARRIOR - 1 points


gogogood job!


I like the rhino, the revolucinary bird and the tribal wolf. But I can’t really tell in which order cause they are so good!!

I also liked the panda lol nice character and filled of personality. I think that as an unexperienced game modeler my unofficial votes would be based on liking or not to see this character in a game I’d play. The rhino would be a very cool fast character, the bird makes me think of something like Donky Konk SNES!!! I loved that franchise! The Tribal Wolf is just wicked mad character !!! It would me more than happy if I spoted this character in an MMO.

Oh well just my 2 cents… well more like a dime maybe


Everyone PLEASE STOP posting your comments. Judges were selected to make their choices so that a winner can be chosen for the prize and beginning the next competition. It’s difficult for a judge when they have pressure from visitors about who is definately the better artist. It’s even worse for a judge to be told they’re wrong during the judging process.

I know the front page image has brought a lot of attention here…but please read the thread, especially the bold red letters. You may comment as much as you like AFTER a winner has been selected. This isn’t a serious matter, but a simple request.

Remaining judges…please hurry.