Game Art Comp #9: Snow Owl - Inuit Shaman Warrior


I finally came up with a concept that I felt was worthy enough for me to spend some extra time on. How far I get…only the lord knows…because work is getting hectic. But I will try my best to follow through.

I work with Shane who is doing the Viking Beserker. We brainstormed an idea that if we both can follow through with this we might make a short animation similar to an in game cinematic. This is why I chose the Inuit (Eskimo) culture because they battled the Norse in Greenland during trade disputes. The Inuit have a deep belief that they are connected with the animals they live around. The Shaman Warriors were high in the ranks because they believed they could talk with the animals and shapeshift to inherit their abilities.

I’ll get some concept art up soon. I just wanted to stake my claim.


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