Game Art Comp #9: Rabbit- WWII German soldier


Hi, I’m going to make a rabbit, WWII German soldier.

This is my concept:

Btw this is my first post here so I’m a bit confused. I’m also kind of stupid :slight_smile:
I hope I haven’t mistaken something.


Strange, nobody is posting… Maybe I really did something wrong.

Well it’s almost finished. Post comments please.


No problem. But you only have a couple days to finish an entry for a contest that’s been on for nearly 2 months. I’d hurry.


Any comments? No?! Strange…

Anyway I decided to make a pic showing the progress, because I started
my thread almost at the end of the competition. I hope this is enough to
show that this is my creation.

Btw the pic is near 300kb so don’t click if you are not really interested.


That’s the weird thing about this site, I entered the contest over a month ago and have only gotten a couple of comments, I would keep going and hope the feedback from the Judges is worth it…
I like your rabbit skin texture, did you paint that or is it a picture? If it’s painted try to get some lumps of fur to pop up some more,maybe?


It looks pretty good, but the weakest point is the concept. What makes it a nazi? Look at photos of german soldiers, i think what makes them most identifiable is their helmet, and maybe the nazi tag. Also, the rabbit’s eye looks a little far up.

Maybe go for more detail in the texturing , too.


Who said it was a nazi?
Anyway the texture is looking good, but as dirj said, it isn’t really the right uniform, German soldiers had gray uniforms, and not a green one. Also some more emblems or tags would be welcome, like his stripes, or a medaille, etc.


If you weren’t informed, Nazis are what the germans were called in World War II… Since this is, a world war II german soldier, he’s being called a nazi… but yes, Nazi’s wore helmets, and depending on location, also wore trench coats/long coats


You’ve played too much RTCW. Not every German soldier is a Nazi and not every Nazi is an SS member. People just over generalize.


I don’t play RTCW at all… Not all germans are nazis, but the soldiers under the hand of hitler… Well, basically ALL world war 2 german soldiers, are reffered to as nazis… As for having a trench coat, it was common, though not all soldiers wore those… For example, in Barbossa, germans wore dark green uniforms, very similar to that of what russia wore in barbossa, though they were easily told apart since the Germans wore very distinctive helmets…


People of the Nazi-party were Nazis, so most German soldiers weren’t one. That was what my history teacher told me anyway. Anyway, we’re going too much offtopic, post an update Tzax. :slight_smile:


I just didn’t want to add those signs. WWII is not so far behind, there are people,
who lost their parents or grandparents, some of them may look at this. I like the
Germans but I think we should know when to stop with the realism. But since it’s
important- I hope this is enough. You seem to know very much about the German
uniforms, but do you know that much about the ancient uniforms and clothes?
I hope so, because if you don’t this means that we are not in the same boat.
We are all equal, but some are just a bit more equal, right? :slight_smile:


It sems I have to fix the texture of the hands, should be ready tomorrow.


Now it looks better. I respect it btw that you don’t want to add more signs, and more than these isn’t really needed.
My compliments btw for how fast you’re working.
And what exactly do you mean with ancient uniforms and clothing? You mean uniforms from other civilizations like the Romans? If so, yes, I know that much about other uniforms as these ones. But it might seem that I know much about German uniforms, probably because of my friend that’s a big warfreak.:smiley:


Ok it’s ready. I’ll post in the submission thread today or tomorrow.

Thanks to all who replied.


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