Game Art Comp 9: Panda - WW1 German Flame Trooper


This topic is just too much fun to pass up on (even though I am swamped in work :banghead: ) Which reminds me, thanks for the two month deadline :smiley: .

Anyway, I had a couple of ideas for animals but eventually choose the panda. But then I had no idea of what uniform to put him in untill my friend suggestd a WW1 German Flame trooper, with the large trenchcoat, gloves, gasmask and flamethrower… and I thought that’s it!

So that’s what I’ll be making, an evil panda with a flamethrower :smiley: .

Concept sketches coming up!!!


The panda basicly, still working on the uniform…


dude thats a cool model sheet

cant wait to see what the uniform looks like


This is pretty much what he’s going to look like. Found some good photographic reference for his gear and outfit to supplement the overall design, so it’ll look relatively realistic (although Panda sized :smiley: ) when I’m done.


Pandasize away my man. that looks great. can’t wait to see it in 3D.



yes yes evil
Dr von Luptenschtine ve shall rulez ze vuld with ow Panda twoopa armies!


I like it alot
I’ll keep an eye on this one for sure :slight_smile:


Make the parts of the panda that are supposed to be black, red… So it looks more Nazi.


Interesting idea, however there were no nazi’s back in the first World War. Just normal Germans :smiley: . Thanks for the suggestion though.

Anyway this nights update. Currently at 770 poly’s (the other 4 are for my image planes :wink: )


I really like this idea. I never would have thought the cute panda could be so evil. Great concept, and the model looks like it coming along nicely. Keep it up!


This looks great so far! good job. I really like the proportions you’re using.


nice concept… can’t wait to see this guy lighting up stuff… :smiley:


Update!!! :smiley:

Modelled the head which is pretty much finished, I really liked how that turned out, kinda suprised myself there for a moment :surprised … anyway and I fidlled with the body topology a bit more.
Next up are the arms and hands (god I hate modelling hands :banghead: ), tweak the legs and feet. Then I’ll start on his gear. And oh yeah… he’s about 1092 poly’s right now.


Yes! Very nice! This will look fantastic with a flame particle effect and an orange light at the tip of the thrower, casting a nice glow all over. There’s a guy who did some really nice dirty fur for a game texture, you might want to check it out for reference. Go to, and click on last month’s winner, the furry looking goat man.

Keep it up, man!


that’s looking pretty slick man. very good looking for such a low polycount.
( I definitely got something to learn in that departement, mine’s boasting bout twice that amount and doesn’t look all that better LOL )

A real dutchman or an international in the netherlands ? ( i read there’s 7 cultures & six language in your studio ;))

anyhoo, looking great so far, keep on trucking.



Brent Turbo: Thanks. :slight_smile: And thanks for the link, awesome modelling and texturing there. The dirty fur is something to consider.

Equinoxx: Thanks aswell. Completely Dutch actually and the only one at the moment, the rest of the company came from other countries.


Alright another update for today…

Added the gasmask, gloves and tweaked some more topology. About 2110 poly’s so far.

[left]Ugh, I hate modelling hands…[/left]


I really like what you are produceing dude! it looks great and i have nothing bad to say


Awww, sweet! This is looking better and better. The topology looks sound (except maybe the armpit area? not sure, though), great silhouetting, and I just love the proportions. :applause:


Gas mask Panda OWNZ. Yes this sucker is looking sweet.
I can hear them marching through the bamboo forests torching the place… ahh yes it is beautiful.


I like it ! Your Panda killer’s style is awesome man, good modeling ! keep it up ! :slight_smile: