Game Art Comp #9: Gorilla - USA WWII SOLDIER


Concept Coming.


Here is the concept art. it’s really bad :sad: , but I don’t care :thumbsup:


And here is the model.


it says I don’t have access to those files.


Dude, we know this routine already. You copy/paste the url into a browser.

In regards to the model, i really like the head, but it looks like he has a beer belly down below. and he’s kinda posed like a zombie right now… i would prefer to see the swinging limp arms.


bad picture :twisted:


Again bad link to picture


Update. 2793 polys for now. I think I’m gonna leave the rest polygons for Thompson machine gun.


Another cracking entry!
I like the fact that he is basically a gorilla in a uniform - no porportion changes or human likeness. Real nice topology, but i think you could save a few polys here and there - especially on the head.


Thanx Andy H. I’m happy that you liked my gorilla. I’m gonna modify the head, but first I’m gonna finish the Thompson machine cun.


i really like the direction on this one because unlike other posts where people are just plopping heads of animals on a human body like a Furry, this one is using the form of the actual animal. Good work


wow king kong went to us army…

Very nice job bro


I like how your gorilla looks very realistic! Kinda menacing and scary too, if he came running at me in a battle field I’m sure I’d… :eek:


Thats an excellent monkey. I like the head very much. I think the legs could be a bit shorter and the arms a bit longer and bigger to amplify the gorilla-ness of the thing.

On thing though. Are you sure you’re counting triangles? With those teeth modelled, and the amount of detail around the eyes, hands and feet, it looks like youre counting faces instead of triangles. You might wanna check that.


Thankx all for your comments! Supervlieg I think I have counted the polys right.


Really nice gorilla, it could use those changes mentioned \by Supervlieg and then it’ll look even better. :slight_smile: Some of the shading on the mesh seems kind of odd, are all vertices welded? It could just be the display of course.

About the polycount, it does look like it might be more then what it displays. Put a edit mesh modifier on all objects to see the actual polycount, if you haven’t already. When objects are in editable poly Max counts the quads… not the triangles.


Try converting the model to editable mesh instead of editable poly like Serul said. It makes a big difference in polycount. Because just by looking at it, it looks like a lot more then 3500 triangles.

Not that’s its a bad model or anything, I like what you have done with it.
I just want to make sure were all on the same poly budget.


Thanx for the tip. I did a new polycount and result was that there are way over 5500 polys. So I’m going to remove a LOT of edges from the gorilla. Update will follow soon.


Here’s a new update. I removed the backbag and some other stuff. Legs are now shorter and arms longer. Polycount is now 3330, so I’m going to remove more edges, because I’m going to need about 600 or more polys for the gun.


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