Game Art Comp 9: Gorilla - Mughal Empire



I recently joined cgtalk to participate in these fun projects. I’m still new to the whole cg thing and would appreciate any feedback…here goes first post:

Gorilla - Mogul/Rajput soldier: (yes, I know there’s another Gorilla in the comp already, so I opted to make mine more cartoony.)
From 1526 to 1858, the Mughal Empire controlled much of the South Asian region. Today this area includes the countries of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. he Mughal emperors were from Afghanistan, northwest of India. The Rajput, a race of India, spread over the N. of the country, form the fighting, landowning and ruling caste. Armor 18th Century.


I love your concept, he looks like Popey,…on steroids! Ver y funny, bravo :thumbsup: :smiley:


ql, now model fast, you don’t have a lot of time


Are you trying to get me to panic???:eek: . I know I came on board kinda late but I’m hoping I’ll have enough time to finish!
Here’s the Model Sheet…(This should help speed up the Modeling part):slight_smile:


I’ve started the basic shape, this is what I have so far.:bounce: Can someone help me figure out how to take a picture of the mesh (wiremode/shaded) kinda like what everyone else seems to be putting up on their threads. I’ve tried hitting print screen on my pc with a closeup of my shaded/selected item and nothing happens…I’m on Maya 4.5


we want wireframe,
we want wireframe,
we want wireframe

it’s ql model, keep it up


Wohoo!!! I finally figured out how to grab a screen shoot of my image:bounce: .
Here’s WireFrame…
590 Polygons.
Question: My polygons are squares not triangles, does this mean I have to multiply by 2 to get an accurate polygon count to stay within budget?? :shrug:


Judging from the screen, thats a count in quads, not in triangles.

You could rougly multiply by two to get a triangle count, but this wont be accurate since you have some tri’s and n-sided polygons in the mesh. And maa counts faces instead of tri’s. Triangulate the model to get an accurate count.


Thanks! I will triangulate the model after I finish the hands and add more detail. It’s easier for now to just multiply by 2, since about 90% of my faces are squares, just to keep track of how I’m doing.


Latest update:


Looks fine, but the nose looks kind of funny. Keep up the good work!


Can I get some feedback?? :sad:


Sure, Ill give you some feedback, no problem.

The flow of the mesh seems fine. Personally, I would give him more of a hump to emphasize the gorilla-ness. The nose is weird, check your ref pics, and try to make it more gorilla like.

I would add more poly’s to the eyes, The diamond shape they are now dont really look like eyes. If it’s at all possible polywise, try to give him eyelids. Try to curve the brows of around the eye sockets.

Also his mouth needs a more natural flow, it looks like two halve coconuts stuck together.

The hands need more work, theyre way to fat from the side, and the thumb is to big, and the other fingers to small.

His dress needs more poly’s in the front for correct deformations.

I hope this helps :wink:
Good luck!


Thanks to both of you for the feedback, the nose did seem weird, I’ve tried fixing it by making it one with the mouth area. I’ve also fixed other call outs made. This is the latest update:

2268 Triangles


I think I’m almost done with the modeling part. I like how the dagger looks like a banana! or is it just me?

3128 Triangles


i think thats just you :smiley: dagger is very good, i matches with gorillas strong body


Ok, not a big update but I finally got around to unwrapping …


Latest update: First pass at texture painting. (nobody told me texturing was this hard :cry: !!!) I’m still trying to get rid of all the stretching. I need some feedback.


O_O this is going to be fun, nice model… I glad you went for a more cartoony look in your design.

PS: Did the Mogul have anything to do with the Mongolians? I know this might seem to be a dumb question but I’m curious, if I’m not mistaken they took the same or similar territories at some point in time.


Thanks hanzo! I was a bit worried about making him too cartoony, since everybody else seems to be going for the realistic way. I will have to dig deeper into the history of the mughal. I’ll post a better recap in the competition entry.

I wasn’t quite happy with the last paint job so I played around with the modeling a bit (it helped with the stretching) and re-painted him from scratch…I’m still unhappy with the golden pattern on his dress, if somebody has a better way to do this please let me know…