Game Art Comp 9: Frog - 16th Century Spanish


Took me a while to think of something I wanted to do, but here is my reference :slight_smile:

haven’t thought of a name and history yet though :wink:


hehe… deffinitely want to see this guy 3d… :smiley:
nice concept…


Started modelling today. Very low poly for now (only about 600 tris).


jipes, already at 3000 tri’s :eek:
anyway, some c&c would be nice :shrug:


Can we see a wire? With that grainy texture and the shadows in some areas, it’s really difficult to see where all the polys are going.


here’s the wire
most (too much?) tris are going to the helmet and feet


Hey man, its looking good so far.

I would definitely cut down on the polys in the feet, I don’t think you need that many there. Also you can probably cut down on the iterations in the face - if you push em around a bit you can define more facial features. But yea, other than that its looking pretty nice


Remember, frogs have webbed feet and hands. But good work so far, I think you should do more research into what weapons were used at that time, the spear is a little odd.


Bro you have done well, a very interesting mesh, you gain my attention at least bro!


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