Game Art Comp 9: Cobra Snake - African Tribal Warrior


OK well here is my first quick scribbles. I’ll get to making more detailed designs for her gear this coming weekend.

Think Zulu trible warriors :slight_smile:
but female and mixed with an African king cobra hehe


Yeah should be cool, can’t wait till you got the full final design. :bounce:


Looking good Lando! I can tell this one will be a Big Hit! Maybe you could do a low poly one for some games like UT2004?

Keep up the Great Work Bro! :wink:


This will be fun to make an outfit that follows this style.


dude i say cool! now lets see her


cool concept… :thumbsup:


Ok well i drew her up for my modeling pass. No idea yet for the clothing but i’ll get to some designing tomorrow.


Coolnesssss!!! :smiley:

Get to modelling now!!! :wip:


This should be fun to watch.


Update on the model.
Did not get as far as i wanted to tonight. Ended up drinking lotsa beers and talking late with my friends. but got in a good 2 hours or so modeling.

She is now at 1042 polygones.
I am aiming for 2500
then i can use the rest for her weapons and extra garments. The mesh flow on her is a start but turning out realy nice.
I Should be finishing the model tomorrow for sure.


oooh, slick :). The model looks really good so far. Though the tail seems a bit too short. It doesnt seem like it could support the body with ease. But, it might just be the perspective.
Other then that, great job.


Hmm… yeah, maybe the tail could be quite a bit longer… :shrug:

It’s looking good already, especially the head. :smiley:


Very impressive :applause:

Your mesh flow is excellant, the head looks very good so far.
keep it up.


Great concept work, and it should be intresting to see how the jewlery / decorations will look.
Youre off to a good start - keep it up!


very nice start, and great proportions, i’m really liking this, can’t wait to see it finished!


great concept, i love it…
model is looking good to


Ok she is at a 2016 polygon count at the moment. I extended the tail alot. think I’ll make it even longer.

I’m making the neck/head look more like the very first sketch i did “topright bust” where the crest extend from the shoulders instead of it coming from the back like in the profile shot. I want her to be able to fold the crest back to normal so it makes more sense and will just look better. I should have that and the hands modeled in my next update.

Overall I think you will like how her back turned out :slight_smile:
as for the outfit, still designing that. I’ll see about getting some sketched up this next week.
For now enjoy this update pic.


will the mouth open?


it looks nice, good poly flow, but one thing, isnt the competitions limit 3500 TRIANGLES, not quads? please explain i fyou will normal map or how you wil solve this. or maybe im wrong, nbut im pretty sure its triangles


Really excellent - the mesh flow is perfect - especially on the shoulders and back.
However, i think its a bit high poly right now. There are bits that could possibly be optimised without compromising the mesh.
I love the head / mouth!
Hope you can finish this in time.