Game Art Comp 9: Bulldog: British Sergeant(1808-1813)


Thought I’d do a quick post to jump in before anyone else takes this idea.
I’m gonna be doing a british bulldog sergeant from the period of the peninsular war.
some concepts will follow in the next couple-a-days


ok, here’s the concept

let me know what u think


still needs more detail


ok, here he is with a bit more detail and his all important rank stripes, let me know what you think people!


here are the accessoires excluding the rifle:


Yay! Someone did a British soldier as a Bulldog! Perfect! I think there’s at least one entry of a german as a Bulldog, which is just wrong. Good luck, you’ve got a good start here, now lay down some polys!!


ok, here’s the start of the head. it’s about 368 polys- i’m aiming for about 500 so there’s still some more tweaking and adding to do.
let me know what u think people.
thnx for the comment dargon!


here’s the side profile


nice start funkyrayuk…
i do like the pissed off expression you gave him…
keep it up :slight_smile:


some more adjustments and additions, i’ve changed my target count for the head to about 700 cos i can afford to, at the mo he’s at 640, crits anyone?


today i’ve been working on the torso. i’m at over 2600 tris at the mo which is too much, the feet need some attention and i need to cut down the tri count.
Also, can anyone suggest to me what i should do about the two belts, i think it may be better to do them in the texture cos i’m getting problems where the rucksack is and i can’t really fix it unless i add yet more polys.


just a quick update! the tri count is at 2910 so i’ve got just under 600 to play with for the rifle and a couple of other bits.

opinions? crits? anything?


c’mon guys, i need some opinions and crits - do i smell or something?


Its coming on well - just loosen him up a bit - he looks well stiff at the moment. Maybe even over emphasise bits on him like his hands or his chest to give him more character. He kinda looks like one of those kubrick things or a lego man at the mo.
Think of the bulldog from tom & jerry or in a more extreme case, look at the bison that ehulser is doing for this comp - it has a much looser and natural form.
Get your edge loops / Hard edges defined too - that will help.

As for the smell comment? i dunno - i cant smell as far as bournemouth :scream:
Maybe with my smell-o-scope…


thanks for the crit andy. i’m still kinda new to 3d, what do u mean by edge loops/hard edges?


sorry - i meant smoothing groups, not edge loops.
What i mean by that is making certain edges of your model hard / sharp so that you dont get a smooth result.
Dunno what software youre using, but it should be pretty easy to figure out how to do this by looking in the manual / help file


ok, yeh i know how to do that!thanks again


i totally agree with andy, plus hes pro, so listen hard :slight_smile:

looking good man, do us Brits proud !


here’s the nearly finished model, i’ve bowed out his legs and arms to give him a more dog-like stature. tri count is 3498, i just need to had a feather to his hat so i’ll put 1 more poly there.


The construction / polycount of that white sash thing on his torso will make rigging a living hell!
Nice head, but i think the body still needs more work.