Game Art Comp #9: Aardvark - ancient Egyptian warrior


Ok i’m in
so my idea is to create a crature that would have a Aardvark head and a body - much looking like a human…dressed up in a ancien egyptian looking uniform+some kukhri like blades…

i’ll post some concepts soon…


finally I found some time…
this is a first, rough sketch…just shoving the proportions…

he wont be naked of course
I’ll do a precise, detailed sketch with all the clothes and blades, soon


Looks promising, now gwt back to modeling and show what you got. I bet you will do great :wink:
Espect some battle from me too. Will join you soon. See you…

P.S. Ako sredis onaj model da ispadne kako valja, pomoci cu ti oko tekstura ;):smiley:


here it goes

this is enough for the basic form…


and this is the progres…

thats it for now…
i have some tweaking to do…


and i guess that his body armour shoud look like this, but much stronger

I’m still researching so when I come with something I’ll post it

genesis: tnx man I appreciate your fate in me.
cant wait to see your work


I think your design needs more of a center of interest, everything is sorta large and it doesn’t really work. I’d probably beef up the chest and make the arms shorter and legs longer. That way the focus’ll be on the big chest and small head.


i have to add some polys to the body… so i will do something about the chest and the head and i’ll do some tweaking on the fingers and feet
but the arms are so long becouse he can than swing around with his kukris and have a longer reach…



Common you lazy bustard, move your butt :scream: .

You have not post here for age(who is talking), you have a lot to work on.
As far as design of creature goes, i think it is ok for him to have a long arms, butt i think you should really consider what DaemonMagus said, especially for his torso, i think you should make his torso bigger, and head somewhat smaller, to make him look more powerfull. and maybe his arms a bit shorter, also legs a bit higher. I can see that he has stylistic proportions, but consider what i said. Btw, blades look great, really good weapon, i can see him swinging around with those. Keep working and keep attention to details. :wise: :thumbsup:


nice warrior kinda reminds me the mummy 2 movie, y didn’t you add dog-like legs on your warrior would be more beasty that y i guess, although i like it alot as it is.
good work


finished modeling and started maping…


Looks nice, though right now it reminds me more of a wolf or fox instead of an aardvark. I think those typical aardvark ears and a bit of a hump would help him look more like an aardvark.

And he needs a tail!

keep it up!


i agree with everything said, my only question is why did you choose this specific subject matter? I know what the contest is and have viewed many other’s creatures. Basically it looks very much like the typical Anubis/ dog head egytian creature. I understand that the snout is actually bent and dosile like an aardvark but many people may confuse it for the Anubis head, especially with the ears that you’ve incorporated. As far as the long arms, it doesnt seem to fit an aardvark very well. they tend to have stuppy apendages, its the tongue and snout that are very long on the creatures. Personally I think you should incoroporate alot more influence of the animal to really sell your idea.


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