Game Art Comp 6: R Lee Ermey / Full Metal Jacket


Im not really sure if I will ever finish it because of work, but ill give it a go as hes from my fave film ever!
Just reserving my spot.


Just a quick update - after 1 hour i managed to cram in after work. Its not spectacular or anything, but its getting there once i see the (rough) texture on it.

Made in maya, by the way.


Ahh you suck :stuck_out_tongue: He was the one i was going to do hehe, although i dont really have time atm and prolly couldnt do him right hehe. I even got those pics saved >_<

Hopefully you can get him done and good :slight_smile: I most likely wouldnt heh.



Cool char. I was actually considering to do Gomer Pyle from the same movie at one point. That would have been a great!


Hehe - thanks for the comments. I love his character - There was also pvt. Pyle and Animal mother to consider doing. I hope i do him justice! Ill have to do some screencaps of the DVD - I have no side views - unless anyone out there has any?

some words of wisdom:



A bit of an update. Textures are still tempoary.

Sorry about the crappy size and quality, but im running out of webspace. Im overdue for a cleanup of my site.


I personaly think that the textures look great !


I dont know why but he totally reminds me of George Bush in those last renders. hmmm…

oh well, looking good man keep up the good work, and good choice of character.

im surprised no-ones mentioned private joker, “with the duality of man” genius argument for wearing a peace badge on his helmet.


This is going just fine. I would say his cheeks should be more to the back, the front of this face seems to be a bit flattish.

Make sure his mouth is able to open, otherwise he wont be able to produce a constant stream of insults


Making good progress with the body now…
Its still symmertrised at the moment, so the jacket front crossover is a bit of a mess.
Gonna start modelling the details next, and maybe optimising / adding polys where its needed.



Looking tons better than i would have made him :slight_smile:

I have to agree that he looks like bush in the last render of both of those pics heh.

Get him all done and send a pic of it to mail call lol, maybee they will plug it on the show :stuck_out_tongue:


he only looks like bush from a 3/4 view, though. maybe that’s just me


So far so good. He could use a little more neck though.


haha, this entry is great.


Unless theres anything anyone can find wrong with it - id like to think i have finished with the modeling now. He comes in just under 4500 polys - a lot of them is used on the hat and face.

Hope to start UVing soon.


No replies?

I need to know if its looking ok - im having a bit of a crisis on his head - my mates seem to think he looks like George dubya Bush!
Any tips?


did you see my earlier post :wink: i said looks like bush

but something you have to remember is that the actor looks a little like bush in one of the reference pics anyway,

1 thing i think would make him more like the sarge, is making him open mouthed i mean the guy was always shouting, even with a gun pointed at him.

Just looking actually at your profile veiw of him, his head shape looks a little funny, The front view looks spot on, but from the side it looks a little flat faced. that might be whats making the dude look like bush


His hat looks too short, and has a lot of geometry… but, if you are under the limit, I guess it’s ok. You could some of those polys on the face, along the jaw, at the jowels. He looks too young, without a little bit of sag…


The head looks wider than the actor’s. The neck and shoulder area is slouched whereas he generally has a rigid straight posture.


Ive completed the geometry now - not many huge changes, but ive cleaned it up and tweaked a few areas.
Im not able to join the trousers to the jacket though. Doing so would create a lot more polys and make a bit of a mess due to the overlap. Is it ok in games design to have seporate unjoined pieces?

Hope ive fixed some of the problems that were brought up. Ill open his mouth once i have it UV’d