Game Art Comp 6:Akihiro Tomikawa (Daigoro)/Shogun Assassin


I’m in! This little guy starred in all the Lone Wolf and Cub (Baby Cart) movies as Daigoro. A kid who could fairly comfortably say “my dad’s tougher than your dad”. I’ll post a WIP in a few days…





Here’s my progress so far. 1400 tris here. I know that’s a lot for the head, but my plans for the clothing is pretty low poly structural (see the image of his dad below). If anyone has any optimisation suggestions re polycount, i’d be happy to hear them. meantime, i’m not sure how best to go about smoothing the geometry down. i’m guessing subpatches are out of the question in this forum.

any c and c would be great…

BTW: using lightwave 7.5


looking good so far, but i think you should make his cheeks thicker, maybe its just the angle or the face he’s makeing but the cheels should be a bit thicker IMO


I agree, the boy in the image looks much younger than the model, which has the definition of a teenager instead of the chubby cheaks of the toddler.


thanks buck and lord dubu. i agree, but i’ve been kind of kidding myself about it. i’ll get back in there and chubby him up. looks like daigoro’s long lost older brother at the moment.

here’s a tech question. should hair be part of the continuous head mesh, or can you build hair seperately, and have it cutting into the head model?


There’s a great sticky in the game-art forum that addresses this and many other game model questions. But the short answer is, model the model as one seemless object.


Is that model seen from the front viewport? If so he’s got a real freaky forehead going. To tall and to wide.

The nose is to big as well and the eyebrow is perfectly straight. It should curve along the eye socket.

Surpising choice. Its the only kid in the comp I would reccon. Keep up the good work.


that’s the perspective port (with quite a lot of perspective). i’ll mess around with other angles next post.

guess i chose him because kids are hard. especially kids this young. their features are less defined and obvious, so making them recognisable is a bigger challenge IMO.



here’s an update. fringe added (will be alpha textured), and chubbied up a bit (although i suspect it’s still not quite enough). any crits greatly appreciated.


no replies? i could use some help here…

meantime, here’s a first test on the head UVs. textures have a long way to go, but i’m workin’ over here.

smoothing still a problem. these renders are sub patched. as i understand it this is a no no in game modelling, but what’s the alternative? i’m suing lightwave, and despite trying heaps of different degrees of smoothing, i’m still getting heaps of ugly edges. my geometry seems ok to me, but everyone else seems to be getting far smoother results. what am i doing wrong?


small update with improved texture mapping…

any crits would be great.


Hallo obelisk, you’ve got a great form to play with there! The overall mesh form is great and you can play alot with it, even add expression. There are some things to be improved though.

Try building up some more volume to his cheeks, mainly on the level of the nose and mouth in order to look more roundish. I would also made the mouth smaller to make cheeks look even bigger.
On the nose I believe that’s missing some definition on the nostrils, maybe giving some height on the nose will help on that.
Also the eyes look bigger and wider than your reference’s.

The texture needs lots of work to be completed though, and it looks kind of yellowish as it is (maybe it’s the light)

Keep it up!! : )


thanks terraarc,

all good and true crits. i’m on it. far as expressions go, i was thinking something like this…

which only serves to reinforce the geometry crits you’ve levelled.

appreciate your help (how’s obelix going – obviously obelisk would be keen to know)



I don’t think you should be smoothing out your mesh. Thats bad practise in my opinion. I think your lo poly mesh is just perfectly fine. I think the difference you are seeing in the others is the fact that they are using self illumination in the material. So When they put the texture in there, its not nearly as affected by the light. Thus you don’t see “weird edges”.

Give some self-illumination or constant materials a try…don’t smooth tho…bad bad bad…hehe.


Thanks dur23. I had a play with what I think you mean this morning, by copying the color UV into the illumination channel. Fairly flat looking results. Is this the way it’s done, or is there a setting somewhere (like HDRI environment lighting) that I’m missing? Can I still use lights in conjunction, or do I rely on self illumination, and if not, how is a 3d feel maintained. The tests just gave me back a very 2d image.

Are there any good tutes you (or anyone else) could recommend on this?

Thanks again…


Dur is referring to setting your “self-illumination” to 100%. It’s an option in your material. Atleast that’s how it’s doen in max…not sure about maya.


Originally posted by Darkax
Dur is referring to setting your “self-illumination” to 100%. It’s an option in your material. Atleast that’s how it’s doen in max…not sure about maya.

he’s using lightwave anyways :stuck_out_tongue: I use lightwave, too, but I really have no idea how self-illumination is supposed to work. here’s what I think you should do. set the ambient light settings fairly high, turn the default light away from the model, and turn off self-shadow, cast shadow, recieve shadow (just in case…I’ve never tried this myself so I don’t know if you need them all off or what.) this should give you “self-illumination”


wheres leigh when you need her…hehe.


In LightWave you make things self-illuminated by giving it a percentage of Luminosity in the Surface Editor. I wouldn’t recommend using it on a character though, as it will mess up with the lighting and shadows on the model. Rather concentrate on good lighting techniques, and bake them into the textures if necessary.