Game Art Comp 5: h0pesfall: Noob Saibot (MK2)


Decided to change my entry since I wanted to practice male muscle anatomy a bit more.
I chose a pretty obscure character in the mortal kombat series (I think you can only fight him in Mortal Kombat 2 as a hidden fight. He also appears in MK Trilogy and a MK game on gameboy but I havn’t played em); Noob Saibot

Noob Saibot is a shadowy creature from the Netherrealm. One of the brothers of the shadow, Noob Saibot serves mostly as a spy for Shinnok. His dark appearance makes him perfect for the task.

If a mod can delete my Ayla entry thread please go ahead :slight_smile:


OMG Noob Saibot, I remeber trying to get him in MK2 as smoke, that guy said “toasty!” on the portal stage, and u had to hit, start button and down really quick. lol

good choice in a character :slight_smile:


Yes exactly lol. I remember trying to do it as a kid and I never reached him. My friend would always get it and i’d be pissed :stuck_out_tongue:
Will post a concept probably tonight.

Btw if you can’t see the pics its coz its from some geocities site. I’ll upload em on my site when I get home later. Right now if you wanna view em right-click go to properties and copy the image’s url.


Yes cool character, I believe there was cheat to play as him in the home versions of one of the MK games. His name is Boon and Tobias spelled backwards, they were the makers of the original mk games.


Heh, for some reason i knew you’d reply to this thread goro buddy :stuck_out_tongue: Well I was gonna draw a concept but then I saw this:
So I think I’ll start modelling right away. Will probably add a few original touches here and there, especially asymmetry.


Didn’t have much time to work on this lately but I just started modelling, not much done yet. Here’s the part of the face that isn’t in the mask.

More to come soon.


Thats not very much progress, but what was created looks fine. :wink:

You might wanna watch your polycount. If you carry on like this you’ll end up way above 4500.

Im curious how you will add to the original character.


heh, I think supervlieg stole my thoughts there. Good start, but way too many polys.


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