Game Art Comp 5: EVIL : Birdie


Just started my WIP thread.

I choose birdie because he is the coolest character from street fighter.

I will post a character model sheet tomorrow


Hrm. I’d never seen this character before. which street fighter is he from?

he looks cool enough.


lol… i don’t know about the koolest but he is very interesting. h2olt, Birdie is from the very 1st Streetfighter and from the Alpha series.


Awsome. I hope the chain doesn’t take up too many polys. I’m intrested in what kind of spin are you going to put on him.


I was thinking of making his clothing white, and change the heart tatoo on his head into a white halo and make his hair white to, so he will have this sort of god/angel look :slight_smile: not sure actually, suggestions would be nice


look at his collar. It’s pretty neat. Kind of reminds me of disco. Try doing some concept where he is a disco super star, but if you do that don’t do the typical black and white travolta suit. Make him into the disco godfather, or somthing like that.


A friend just gave me the idea of making hime like a SM, gay YMCA leather suit thing. wich sounds pretty cool.

But I dont want to make him to diffrent from the original concept. so I dont know. anyone got some better ideas?


Made a quick proportion sheet for birdie. This will be my first human model, so I am not sure in what pose I should model the arm. traight or like I have drawn. Or is it something personal.

anyway, its not into the human proportions, the arms dont reach a hand length above the knees but he can almost touch his feet standing. (monkey like).


i was thinking about doing Birdy but then i decided not to enter this comp, good choice of character though, look forward to seeing how he turns out.


Why not monk? I would have loved to see your version :slight_smile:
And thanks for the support.


hi Evil,

i think i will still do a version of Birdy, as i am going to make a few old school 2D characters in 3d. I am currently making a version of Chipp Zanuff from guilty gear but i did not think Guilty gear was old school enough for this contest.
I am hoping to make enough characters to make a small fight scene between them all.

I will keep an eye on your progress though and let you know how i think you are doing, i like the idea of him being an S&M charater could be quite amusing to see, or you could just make him look like some crazy punk gang member with loads of tatoos and scars all over and have safety pins and things holding his clothes together, i would also try to make a big deal about his hair.

there are a couple of options when it comes to how to position the arms, if your character is never going to lift his arms up very high then dont model them straight out to the side keep them down at around a 45 deg angle out from the body. i definatly would not model them in the position you have in your sketch, i would model them straight out if i were you.

i look forward to seeing your progress, and it might also give me some ideas for when i make him :slight_smile:


@ EVil
I am looking forward to your model of him. i love the sf alpha games, and birdie could look really cool in 3d. keep us updated!


Thnx for the tip Dark Monk. now I finally know in what position I should model the arms. And I am glad that you will try and model birdie aswell.

anyway. this will be a big learning step for me as I have never tried to model a human character before and I dont know how to rig my models, animate them, unwrap and skin them. so it will be tough, hopefully I will make the deadline

And thanks for the comments Levitateme. I see your entry is doing great and looks mighty cool! And now I am loking at your model I am thinking of doing a normal mapped one to. I always wanted to model birdie at high res and this would be the perfect excuse to do so.

any thoughts on this would be appriciated :slight_smile:


if you have questions, just PM me and i can maybe help you out. ha, but if not just pm and maybe we could meet online and be best friends on trillian or somethign! ciao


Aargh! its february the 14th and I havent started the modeling prosess, so it is pretty sure I wont be able to finish this contest. I am sorry. Alot of personal things have kept me from modeling one of them is that I am madley inlove with a girl from school but i havent found the courage to tell her that.


no game model. however I will model birdie in high res some day, he is just to cool not to be modeled.

goodspeed to all the other contestee’s

YerEvilTwin, your yoshi looks killer. definatly the best I have seen yet

cya around guys!


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