Game Art Comp 3: monotypic : (My Neighbor Totoro: Mei)


marks his territory

little refrence for the curious…


ahh cool, I like her stance… shes got alot of character. those pigtails will look great on a lowpoly model!


lol Very cool… Seems like a bunch of is is going for Manga designs :bounce:


original idea !
Impatient to see how it turns out !

Krstman : exactly what i was thinking :slight_smile:


i put up a better picture… i’ll have something to show later tonight or tommarow hopefully.
BAH… i’m such a loser… when i grabbed that picture my eyes teared up… lol


update: some thinking on paper i did earlier…
i’d REALLY appreciate it if a few people could point out thing’s that could use improvement… i’m doing this low poly entry as a way to buff up my 3d exp.


I know its just a scribble but sometimes, if you don’t get this stage Perfect, it’s hard to fix that in the Mesh so:

Her Eyes should be smaller. Normally, the Rule is that the space between the eyes should be as wide as an eye is. However, if you look at the Reference, her eyes are much wider appart. 2 or maybe 3 times an eyewidth.

Also, in the Reference the nose is very high, actually, it sits right between the eyes. The lower edge just at the bottom eyeline.

Also there are other small details, like a higher Hairline. And I have litte experience with thin kind of haircut but I think with such a Hair, it wouldn’t hang so loose like at the back of the Sideview picture.

However, as you wrote it was just thinking on paper so I guess you didn’t went for acuracy here -_^

Rock on, you are my favorite in this comp :thumbsup:


Hehe, very cute character.

While it can be helpful drawing model sheets, you need to make sure they line up properly or you’ll confuse yourself when it comes to modelling.
Of course if it’s just to rough out ideas from different angles, it’s all good. Just be careful when you start tracing, and don’t get caught up matching the model sheet exactly at the expense of the 3d model.

Bit early to mention anything else yet :smiley:

catch ya later

edit: krustyman>> nice sig hehe


thank you VERY much. that’s exactly what i was looking for.
i tried to fix it up a little in photoshop… but yes… this is mostly just me trying to get comfortable with mei’s char.

i am sorta worried about her animae proportions… i don’t want her to end up looking all alien like…

i modeled up a low poly version of her real quick last night…

i’ll go dig up some wires i rendered out…
[edit] here we go

this is a test i did a day ago…


He, i was going to comment last night but it was late, now you have worked so fast it is too late, it almost looks like you have finished. As it is such rounded character are you going to concentrate on getting the shape round and the deformation good (as they said that would be judged in the rules thread) or are you going to concentrate on being able to get facial expressions eye and hand movements in (i prefere the second)? From your mesh i would be tempted to round off at least the ends of the pony tails (as they contribute to the sillohete so much) make it so as the face is more deformable round the mouth and give her fingers. I also think she has less of a neck and more of a chest and shoulders, but i cant really tell from the pic of her. Great character, you have your work cut out with as her proportions are so hard to get into 3d, amazingly fast though.



tpe: thanks. the one i modeled is mostly a test… ( i havn’t tried modeling low poly b4) i’m actually gonna start modeling the real thing today or tonight. i think i am gonna try and get her to deform/ get facial expressions really nicely… and yeah… i’m gonna give her better hands and feet as well… also thinking of making her little purse …and if i have time… her stalk of corn…

but please… dont’ hesitate to crit me to death people… i’m loving it.


had some idea’s for mei after the contest is over…

btw… thats supposed to be a bazooka or something…
mental note… find refrence photo’s of big guns


lol A Bazooka! Doesn’t fit to the Character but is funny as Hell!

I’m sorry, I had to point out some stuff ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) on the Sketch because I saw that your preview Model had some of the same Problems. Considering that BEFORE modelling is easier then changing it afterwards. :smiley:

(Btw, now you’ve done it! I got the damn movie… Yes, I admit I am ghibliholic)


omg… that was the single most helpfull drawover i’ve ever seen!
:slight_smile: your absolutley right. i just saved that as my desktop. and will use your drawover as my guide for building mei. ( minus the bazooka of course…) grins

i’ve got work today… sighs… maybe tonight i’ll get some work done on her…

there… you’ve been warned.


i agree… nice crit krystman! if only we all had time to make time consuming crits like that the world would be a better place… or maybe just have better art? :thumbsup:

nice work so far monotypic. and everyones right about the concept/template drawings having to be CORRECT before you start… its alot easier to fix proportions on paper then messing with a complex mesh


Hey Monotypic! How’s Mei doing?:wavey:

I recently saw the Movie and it was sooooooo cute. I love Ghibli Movies. sigh


i had time to work on her a bit yesterday… this is where she is at the moment… i think i’ll keep her this way for a bit longer while modeling… then i’ll move on to her dress later soo it won’t get in the way… i might even have to model totoro after the contest…

i am still alive… just insanely buisy… havn’t had time to post in a GRIP…

i’d LOVE feedback and… grins more draw-overs… hint hint krystman :slight_smile:

i know its heavily wip… but am i going about the sholder arm deformation correctly?

btw… i’m LOVING your mech kry.
can’t wait to see him textured.


Wow! Looks very good! Light years away from your first one.
You’ve met the face proportions perfectly and the profile is accurate as well. :applause::thumbsup:

The only thing that doesn’t match the anime are her legs. They are a bit short now, she looks like a very young Baby that is barely able to walk. Check this out:

On this picture, her legs are about 1,5 heads long. In your model, its less then one. If you make the legs longer, remember to make the arms longer as well. She should be almost able to reach her knees with her fingertips.

The shoulders look fine to me as well but on this particular subject, I’m certainly no expert -_^

P.S.: You might want consider modelling her with that shirt on - she wears it at the very beginning of the movie. I can imagine the shoulders would be easier and it would add more complexity to the character. Just an idea though…:shrug:


lookin really good! the head is great!

I agree with krystman… pull out the limbs a little so she resembles a small girl instead of baby. and remember when you do that, that children have strange proportions… the limbs are different lengths then on adults.


thank you once again gentlemens.

kry: i actually noticed that she changes proportions from scene to scene… (most noticeable in the scene where mei and satsuki meet grandma for the first time…) in that sequence me looks really babyish… but in the scenes when she’s off on her own… she looks allot older.
i think she’s supposed to be around 4 years old btw…but i don’t really know how that affects her proportions…

i tried her with longer arms and legs though. lemme know whatcha think.

thanks for supporting my thread though guys. it feels soo good to get feedback.