Game Art Character: Future Soldier, Tim Appleby (3D)


Title: Game Art Character: Future Soldier
Name: Tim Appleby
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This is a piece I have have recently finished however I started working on it late last year.
I originally was aiming for more of a future pilot but the design evloved as I worked sporadically on it and it eventually became a future soldier/merc.

I know the subject matter has been done to death but I enjoyed this piece and hope you also enjoy it. He is 6230 Tri’s, well under the limit I set myself (7k tris) and uses 5 512x512 textures (diffuse only).


wow - i think this guy kicks some major butt :wink:

i have nothing to crit - nice model, very nice texturing, great facial expression, very “light” mesh…
superb work :slight_smile:



textures are amazing and really convey a 3D feel… I had to look at the wire to see all the extraordinary work put into the maps!


Amazing work as usual - you keep getting better and better!

The best part for me is the texturing - the light metal on his armour and the strap thingies look excellent.

My only fault is a little bit of warping can be seen on the padded areas, and the tech stuff on his arm looks a little flat. Maybe you couldve modeled some of it. The polycount is really low for todays stuff. Reminds me of Rico from killzone a little - the design and graphics for that were incredible.

Methinks you should get frontpage and a lovely award for this! Your work is consistently good, so its about time you got some recognition.

And hows about staying loyal to the fellers in the games forum? Post it there too!


thanks for the encouragement, I thought you guys might enjoy this model aswell,

I also created her last year and she has similair texture specs and tri counts. I had the idea for the funky boots and wanted to have fun with them.

Edit: Thanks Andy, :slight_smile: I’m just about to update the wip thread with these latest pics.


"I dont have a website to post a link too, but if you want to contact me email bdimonkey(AT) for business inq’s questions etc
I dont have time to respond to all your post right now but I can atleast provide you with a few more pics, all work which I did in my spare time last year;

This one I like to call “Resident Bitch”, after all anyone would be pissed if their city was full of zombies.

Hope you enjoy!


Only 6k poligons? Amazing work man, I thought it was high poly model.


lol will you merry me j/k do you think you can show us some tutorials on how you model and texture. Im so amazed i love it so much. I must learn how to model low poly females like you. Please pease, Tutorial tutorial. please i beg u. :bounce:


Great job, very impresive, congratulations, i love the texturing.


really great texturing. I would love to see the characters with bump and spec maps!


That is simply amazing. :eek:


Wow i really like this one

great job


Frontpage :wink:



I would love to see your texture layouts. I want to learn to texture like that…what method did you use for texturing…


great models great textures :slight_smile:

like hkbasravi, i’d love to see the texture layouts too


very nice indeed


very nice work dude!! :thumbsup:
love the texture! hope to see more of your work soon.

greetz mark


I’m a sucker for women in high heels! Very cool idea. And the bandage on the guys nose is a nice touch.

For games of today, your goal of low poly was right on. Very nice texture work! You got skills my friend! You will get the awards you most certainly deserve.


Those should be in UT2004, just outstanding quality right there. Rock on man, rock on. :buttrock:


Thanks for all the encourement

Wip thread can be found here;



i like 'em :thumbsup: looks almost like a high-poly model, great work!