Game Art Challenge #10:Chopper-Tank Mech


Hello everybody. This is my first post here. I am pretty new to 3D with only about 1 year self-taught experience (which I took up after my graduation from college) . I’m a hobbyist now, and currently hold a day job as an engineer. Yes, of course, I would like one day to work in this industry, but first I have to prove my ability. I hope to gain valuable experience and skill through this competition. Although to date, I have only done 1 low poly model (which is a 1 day rush job anyway), and have done mainly organic models, I believe can acheive good results if I put my heart to it.

Ok, now a brief description of my work.

I have a rough idea of the setting and character athough I haven’t pull all the spring togeher yet, the post-Apo period has cause the vast majority of the land to be wastelands, radioactive effect of of war of Apocaplse cause new mutants creatures and even humans to be spawned…to be continued

The vechicle:
Simply put, its a combination of a chopper, a tank, a mech, and cannon from different eras.


I rough out the shape to get an overall picture. Detailing will follow soon after. I am thinking of using normal map but I am not sure whether it is neccessary for this design that have mostly hard edges. I will definately use bump for fine lines and details.


Mech Mode

The vehicle can be move using tracks ala a tank for quicker coverage of terrain.


The mesh is good. Really low at the moment. I like the transformer mode, but why does it have mech legs? I’d like to see it fly and roll, rather than walk and roll, but the hybrid of the helicopter and tank comes off nicely (cept when it’s walking around! ;))

Thats just MHO tho. Keep it up.


I had seen your images before but they’re down now.

It’s looking good, but I would still like to see a helicopter rotor in there somewhere. If not for flying, it’d be cool to use it as a weapon.


Ghostscape, I am thinking of having the option of a rotor too, I will sketch some concepts to see how it turned out. Anyway I find that what I have now will mean that the character will be too small compare to the machine, but what I have in mind is that the character will be as important as the vehicle itself (with no. of tris delicated equally). I will try out redesigning the proportion. I am thinking that a cartoonly looks will suit my intention. I will knock out the chopper windows to show more of the character. I will post the concept of vehicle and my char during the weekends. Thanks for the support and comments, and keep the C&C coming…


I scrapped the initial design and redesign for a more cartoony look with the chopper windows scrapped to expose more of the character. Here’s the design, about 70% done (vehicle only). I will design the character shortly, and do the final detailing after I got the total polygon count of both character and Machine.

For a bigger pic, Click here
The character will be an important part of my design. So important that I delicated half of the details (polygon count) to her(yes, its a gal). I will pose the char concept up shortly…


right on, looks good, i have a somewhat similar design and in completely stuck on what the drivers going to lool like… i have a human form all modeld out, but im having a tough time figuring out how to spruce it up- so im gonna keep a close watch on your thread for ideas:D
keep going, it looks really good.


No problem Konstruct, I also look at others design :slight_smile: . Anyway heres my pilot concept.
I got 2000+ Tri to model her. I will probably use normal map if I got the time to spare.


A little progress… I have started working on the character. I’m pretty happy with how the it turn out. The hair haven’t been optimised (& not competed yet). Its more like a placeholder to get the overall feel of the look. The NURBS eyes are placeholder only. current tri count for the head is about 768 (without the hair). I am targeting 900 Tri for the complete head (include hair with earphone + teeth, eyes and maybe eyelashes). That shall give me about 1300 tris to create the body. I modeled with the mouth open to facilitate easier normal mapping (if time permitted).


Looking great. I wasnt too keen on the inital design, but it looks a lot better now. Its nice to see an emphasis on the pilot - she looks pretty cool. Good start on the modeling of her - hope you have enough polys to go around - her head looks pretty detailed.
Is it me or has the games comp forum been extremely quiet the last week? Both in terms of work being done, and feedback from outsiders?


A little update.

Thanks Andy. The silly way in which the thread are shown might affect the feedbacks.

Right now, I have exceed the budget by about 400 Triangles. I will probably reach about 5200 triangles completed. Then I will start thinking about where to compromise the details.


looking good. I think you could definately stand to lose the 400 polys on the character, as your mech already looks very low poly. Remove some of the loops from her hair, face, or maybe close her mouth and weld the points. Shes not gonna talk is she? You should definately try and stick the hair to the head and seal up any holes - there are polys under the hair that you will never see.
I also think she needs a bit more shaping - she looks a little bit too much like a stick figure. Fatten her out a bit - especially on the hips, and lengthen her legs as it gives her a childlike appearance.
Good work - with a few tweaks its gonna look great.


Hi Andy,
I will eventually merge the hairs and head. But right now, I wanted to try out a few different hairstyles to see which style get the best optimum result (before I merge). I think ponytail might be nice, I will try it out this couple of days. I wanted to give her some simple facial expression and hence I did not weld the mouth. I was hoping to feature her in future works, but I may consider saving a copy for future use, and optimism the original one for this competition. I will continue working on the body as it was really rush work, & really late at night & probably quality suffer. I wanted to keep her short for a more cartoony look, but I will consider your suggestion. I think you are right about the stick figure, I will work on it. Thanks for all the comments, they really help.


I have Finish with the modeling. Total Polygon count is 4497! Next step will be to unwrap UV. :slight_smile:
C&C are welcome.

Pilot and Machine composed together. Default lighting was used.


Looks great - the pilot looks a lot better now.
the only crit i have is that the wheels on the mech are very blocky - it may be worth taking some polys from the pilots back, face and boots and adding them to the wheels.
Looking forward to the textured version!


I agree that the wheels are a little too blocky, I have already been queezing hard for polygon. I have already unwrap the head & the hair (plus the teeth & Eyelashes…). I don’t think I will touch the head again. I know, I probaby put a bit too much detail to the character… I’ll see how I could reduced the polygons on the body. I was also considering using normal map to increase the details of the vehicle.


Those designs are really great. ans is better than your earlier concepts, good luck.


I really think you’re shooting yourself in the foot by making such a hi-poly face. You could easily optimise it without compromising the mesh quality, and buy yourself some polys to make wheels that aren’t 8 sided. The disparity in mesh detail between the vehicle and the character seems very weird.


I have reshuffle the detail from the body to machine, now, I was able to have 12 sided wheels now, which looks a lot better, I have finish the UV unwarping also. I will pose the complete model with color tiles when I got home tonight.

I actually wanted a complete character, someone capable to steel the controls, step on brakes. Able to mount & dismount from a machine to another. Interact with people like a game char (something like GTA). Thats the reason for putting the level of details to the char. I hope my approach pays off. Now, I got to find a way to compose the character well with the machine.