Game-art, Ascaron Entertainment Gmbh (3D)


Title: Game-art
Name: Ascaron Entertainment Gmbh
Country: Germany
Software: (Other)

This is some artwork I did for a german ISO-RPG called “Sacred: Underworld” by Ascaron, which was released in spring 2005. I participated in this game as a freelancer and my job was to do most of the environment graphics that were used in the pirate scenario. All the graphics are actually fully rendered 3D-Models, but were applied as 2D-Sprites ingame. Since the perspective is fixed in an isometric game, this was no problem.
Official Sacred Website
Ascaron Entertainment GmbH Website
These are only some of the artworks I did for this game. The most challenging of them was actually the huge pirateship with all its attention to detail.

The first of four houses.

The second of four houses.

Maybe the most challenging project: The pirateship.

One of tho shipwrecks.

Two of eight tents.
Comments are most welcome. Thanks!


Why this havent been commented, just only for applauding the work is beyond me.

Anyways, great work. Dig the amount of details put into all the scenes, so much to look at. From all the stuff on the boat to all the items in the tentshops. AND isometric games beat 3d rpg`s anyday btw… BG > neverwinter night :slight_smile: ( sorry, never played sacred)

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Very nice, inspiring. I have a game development class next semester and plan on doing one of these 3d made for 2d type games where you just use the renders.


Hey man…congrats

Im realy impressed of your great detailed [i]TEXTURES[/i] and [i]MODELS[/i] and renders are incredible agree…why here is no comments?..the game must be awesome with these graphics.Could u explain more about the process(if maybe)?..specialy the time that u had for completing the work.

again cheers man:thumbsup::eek::bounce::scream:


waw… this is excellent big work man,…


excellent. Sorry nothing more to say.


Thanks a lot for feedback so far, and thanks as well for the stars, very appreciate that :wink:
About the progress: Everything is modelled and rendered with 3dsmax. Since the objects were being used as 2d sprites ingame I could spend some time adding additional detail such as dirt or improve lightning, shadowing and much more. The amount of time I used for these objects was quite different. The ship actually took me 2 weeks to model from complete scratch, texturing and post progress. The first house took me some time as well while the others (there are actually 4 of them) could use quite some elements of it.

Here are some more works I did:

[i]One of two entrances of a grot.

One of four grot stones.

A second shipwreck.

The pirate tavern.

A harbour house.

The wire of the Pirateship (so you can see it is all modelled).



WOW! This is awesome. Never saw such detailed models. Have been looking at your images for a while now and still find something new to discover. Bravo! :applause: 5 stars is not enough!


wow, really amazing work you have there :thumbsup:! May i ask the face counts and the texture resolution of the models? Im just corious…


wow amazing texture work and details! :slight_smile:


hahhh stunning work, textures, models all outstanding…


sehr schöne 3d arbeit :slight_smile: wird im spiel sicher super aussehen! :slight_smile: - wonderful 3d job… will surely look great in the game! :smiley:


five star work man!!! so much details. you must be really patience man.


Great!No crit! 5 stars!how many poly’s are in the first pirate ship?


i love this, worth a cgchoise award! :thumbsup:
the wooden house looks exactly how i imagined Beorn’s house in the Hobbit from Tolkien!
(well, atleast the same feel to it :wink: )


Well it’s hard to tell the general face count of the models because it’s just so different from model to model and element to element. The whole ship has a polycount of more than 6.5 million Polygon-Quads but most of them are spent on the ropes (editable splines). On the most objects I tried to keep the polycount as low as possible (most round objects have only 12 or less segments, depending of the size in the actual picture) to keep the rendering time as low as possible. Most textures of the ship are 512*512 and 256+256 and repeat themselves quite often (without noticable textureseams of cause).
Thanks for interest…


I’ll keep my eye on you to see more and more of this lovely work,:curious:


really nice…good job…very professional:thumbsup:


wow, nice texturing dude,


That’s in credible!!.. i’m Horrified at the details…

no really man it’s awsom work! havent seen anything this good since the diablo artworks.