game animation reel.


hello everyone, :slight_smile:
here is something i animated for some video games before ,I hope that you like it.
C & C is really welcome ! thanx.

size: 3MB
codec : xvid mpeg4

download here

or you can view here : youtube

some character work in the video done by my friend perry.


let me be the first to say, well done:)
by the way what software did you use?


thanx for the reply, ParamountCell( or i should call you Daniel . right? :stuck_out_tongue: )

i am using studio max :slight_smile: , mostly.


Really solid work! The reel is good throughout! It’s not flashy, it just get’s down to the business of animation. Really nice. That one handed flip somersault was COOL. Are they your models? They remind me of Final Fantasy XII.

Good luck in the job search.


wow that was sick Mio! great job! a lil short for my taste, but straight to the point. best wishes for the job hunt! :smiley:


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