Game animation question


Hey guys, I am currently working on an attack cycle animation for a game, where starting and ending at the same idle pose is a must. I have a problem regarding root - I’m not sure whether my ending pose (image: frame 13) can be left further forward, should I move the root or do I always have to make my character step back back to the starting position.


It depends on multiple things.
1- When you are using root motion in your game engine ( )
, you don’t have to do anything.
2- If it is a small step forward (root motion or not ) it is a good habit that you animate the step back and the character stands at the same place.
3- If it’s a big move (like a big leap) and animating the character back doesn’t make sense and you are not using root motion in your game engine,
than animate like you normally do and afterwards animate the main controller the same amount to back, so the character makes the movement in place. (treadmill)
your forward movement will be scripted in the game engine.
I hope that make sense.