Gaia's Gift


Thnx :slight_smile: Hvala :slight_smile:


Amazing! The concept is great and the text reminds me of J. Lovelock’s ideas, some of which I value immensely. As for the image, the spiral looks cool and the pallette is beautiful, but the composition looks kinda plain. I guess that a different perspective and some background elements would make an enormous improvement compositionwise.

From what I understood, the spiral collects the energy provided by the forest (the sort of myst coming from the trees), but it was a bit hard to decipher. Maybe if there were two of them, one in the close foreground and one in the background, you could focus on the structure (foreground one) and on the way it works (background one) in the same image. Just a sugestion…

Anyway, the idea is superb and I honestly wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank u for the coment let me explain as for the composition i wanted it to be like the golden spiral so changing the perspective would ruin the concept but i agree it would be interesting to see it in a different angle.As for the collecting energy thing i dont like repeating myself (to copy paste the same structure and so on so) it is unique and it should stay unique
And i wanted in purpose to leave it a bit mystical,so peaple who watch it can imagine that energy in their own way that was my vision of the energy :slight_smile:

THank u for the coment again :slight_smile: Glad u like it :slight_smile:


nice work and details


Awesome, top five for me. Beautiful work, brilliant concept. How long did you spend on it ?


Wow i just saw this one today,it’s trully beautifull.
Bravo :wink:


Congrats for honorable mentions.
Still i like your entry most. Wish to see more of your works in near future!

i dont know how did you predict it…


Dear Petar

I’ve just seen the results of the contest. Winner of the first place is well deserved. But I’d like to see your work on 2nd - at least 3rd. Your work deserves first place if you ask me… Your style, design and color palette is fascinating. It’s like awakening of an amazing Da Vinci design - not saying that you are copied anything from him, but you did better.

I think that piece is the most remarkable digital artwork of the year.


Thank u for the comment i dont know what to say
maybe a bit exadurated but thank u anyway


Svaka cast majstore:)
Ne mogu da verujem da si ovo uradio - fenomenalno je:)
Steta, po meni si ti zasluzio 2. ili 3. mesto. Rad ti je…:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

Congratulations mate:)
I can’t believe that you actually did this - it’s fabulous:)
Pitty, i would gave you 2nd or 3rd place. Your work is…:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:


Where is the link for results?


T the main page


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