Gaia's Gift


In the far future humanity finnaly understands the laws of nature and unlimited energy source
that is in constant motion.The inspiration came from Greek earth goddess Gaia and Fibonacci’ spiral.
Gaia represents the energy of all living and unliving parts of the earth that are a complex interacting system
that can be thought of as a single organism.Combined with the old theory of Fibonacci about Golden spiral which shows us the perfect balance in nature.
And like Nikola Tesla once imagined that energy can be collected from all materia and transformed and used to help humanity accelerate the evolution.
So we finnaly made the machine that Tesla dreamed of, in the image of Fibonacci’s spiral and with help and approval of Gaia.

Done in Photoshop and little bit of Zbrush specially for nVart

Hope you all like it and enjoy in it as i did making it


One of the best so far Top 10 For me…

Check Alien Architecture Normal.


thank u and glad u like it had big problems posting it lol it took me like 10 hours until i did it i was desperate couse i didnt know what was happening


dobar! :slight_smile: (good one!) : ))


yhaa the best oneeeee…


super super coooool… amazin work yeaaaaaahhhhh


thank u all it means alot to me that u like it i put really hart and time into it


just amazing!


Your work is the best for now like for me. Design is very interesting… inspired by nature… lovely work! Wish you best luck and keep them comming!


Very good indeed. Fascinating.
Just one hesitation I notice (imo) regarding the relationship between the main structure and the ground. Is not really floating nor anchored… hard to tell. But maybe this is your intention?


well the idea was to structure be able to anchor and float so something in beatwen
thank u


Cool I like this one;) perfect job:thumbsup:


Excellent concept of image! I really like this! congratulations for your work.


Thnak u all once again glad u like it :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on another cgi project lately dealing with a chambered nautilus, so this looks quite familiar to me. Your lighting and coloring here are exquisite. I like this image very much. :slight_smile:


thnx jeff i would really like to see the work u are on atm
:slight_smile: glad u like it


Good Luckkkkk

my post


good luck to all here :slight_smile:


If I do not win I wish it to you.
You kicked ass with this master piece.
I have to say, Gaia is just the pagan dream of ancient greeks, while Nikola Tesla is true. Just my 2 cc…
Anyway, master work, good luck!


The best one for me. Awesome atmosphere and the mood!