Gage Bush_Character/Creature_Molles Erectus


Gage Bush_Character/Creature_Molles Erectus

These are the first WIPs of my character, Gomez Francisco Para Alexandria Noose, Esq. A monster from my comic that I am writing. I inquired as to whether or not the waiver we need to sign includes signing away any copyrights or simply allowing AMD to use it for marketing purpose but have yet to get a reply. If it is the former then I shall be a most cross little boy.

I am currently using Maya and Redshift but will be using Zbrush and possibly Substance Painter to finish off the texturing. I shall give a hearty attempt at ProRender for a final render though I hope I will enough time to become familiar enough with it.

P.S. I hope I am doing everything within the parameters of the required format so far.


Here be my next update:

Whoops, I cannot seem to reorder the images. Anyways, the top picture is my original concept whereas the proceeding images depict my final efforts in Maya before moving onto Zbrush.

Certainly not my best UVs but I am hoping that my efforts in Zbrush will cover up the seams as I do not intend to animate this dude (at least this iteration).


Things are coming along swimmingly!

Though I could definitely pull back the wrinkles, those are pretty deep.


My next WIP is NOW!

I definitely need to fix up some things (most notably the weird crook in the the nearest tentacle), paint the main body, and add the tendrils to the tentacles before I move into substance painter.

P.S. You will notice that I resized the body relative to the head and I do indeed like the results.


I am now all done in Zbrush and will next move onto substance painter then Maya!


Welp, I had so much trouble with this thing that I just had to cut my losses, throw away my background environment, and try to fix my displacement maps. Furthermore, my entirely lighting setup kept on crashing so I was forced to rely almost exclusively on a dome light!

Here is my final render plus an extra angle.

The base model was done in Maya 2016, sculpted and painted in ZBrush, adjustments made in Substance Painter, and Rendered out on 2x GTX 1070s in 8:50 and 21:03 minutes respectively in Redshift.


I really blew this one but, there is always next time.


WHOO! I feel I really upped my game in the lighting department (not saying much) but what I learned I hope that I was able to apply effectively.

I hope all the extra effort was worth it. Now, time to see if I have enough time to attempt anything in Pro-Render.