Gaffer - Image Engine's open-source look dev app / app framework


I’ve just stumbled upon an extremely interesting project called Gaffer coming from Image Engine’s open-source kitchen. It’s an application framework focused on writing node-based VFX apps under the surface and a look dev/lighting/compositing app very similar in concept to Katana on top of it. It’s based on Cortex and Python and provides 3Delight, Arnold, Alembic, OpenColorIO and OpenImageIO support amongst other things. Similar to Katana, it can handle complex scenes gracefully, loading only those elements that are active for viewing/editing at the moment and it can be integrated for an interactive workflow with other apps (for ex. acting as a shader authoring tool or lighting tool for Maya). While it may seem pretty rudimentary at the moment, it shows quite a potential down the line.


Well that does look pretty cool I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.

It looks like it has quite a bit of a nuke vibe.


Unsure of its practical uses, personally, but if anyone makes a windows binary I’d love to get my hands on it.


Linux only?


One practical use of the framework is that you have more-or-less the complete foundation needed to start developing a node based application. The look-dev/lighting app is a showcase for this and while far from production ready, I’m sure that one could find practical uses for it. Off the top of my head, it can be used to develop and test RenderMan shaders/shading setups that you can later use in another app.

Only Linux binaries are provided on the project website at the moment. I don’t know how difficult it would be to compile it on Windows, but it would be great if somebody manages to do it and shares the Windows binaries with the community.


yes a way to built under windows wold be great!


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