GAC 11: Richard the Lion Heart-Knight


Richard the Lion Heart was a real knight. He fought in the Third Crusade. He fought in a place called Arsouf. He was the commander of his army, which was fighting against the Seljuk Turks. The commander of the opposing army was Saladin. Saladin had a bigger army but Richard wwas smarter and had a bigger heart. He used his wits and courage to beat them, thus earning the title Richard the Lion Heart.

Here’s my concept paintng. It will probably develop quite a bit but its a starting point.


I like his upper body, he looks very menacing in this image. The combination of his head, shoulders and engraved chest plate really adds to this! His lower half seems like you just done it quite quickly though compared to the upper body and maybe not as much thought was put into that section?
Looking good


i really like the armor design, but i have to agree about the lower body. are their any other details you could add to the armor, like ornate carvings? it’d look awesome with that sort of stuff.


Thanks guys - good crits - I’m not going to put every little detail into these concept sketches - they are just guidelines. I like to sketch and develop the idea in 3d.

A quick pass at the side elevation


ok - model sheet done - onto modelling the high rez version.


Hey man this is looking really great, I love your armour designs and the detail of the cross on his back has really added to it also! Good job on defining the lower half aswell!
The only problem is If I was personally modelling this I’d probably get bored doing too much metal textures! This might not push your texturing skills too much considering 90% of the model is metal/armour. Maybe to push it a bit more his helmet could be removeable?
Anyway If your model looks anything like your concepts it’s gonna kick ass, well done


sweet designs. i can’t wait to see this fleshed out in 3d.


Wow that thing really looks fearsome, Ouch!!
But i think the lionhead is sticking out to much from the armor. If only the siluette would be visible it would no longer look like a pieace of armor.The lionface also seems to obstruct the motion that is needed to swing a sword - specially a 2handed sword.


…love the chest, but the limbs [especially the legs] seem to be missing something…what about having shredded strips of mail [mimicking hair] hanging from his calves?

it looks really cool. looking forward to seeing more.


i second bent’s idea. i was thinking the same thing earlier.
it’d also be pretty cool to see the lions tail somehow reflected in the design of the sword… perhaps as the handle?

could make for some really cool silhouettes… you’d have the head coming outta the chest… the hair strips from the calves and maybe arms… and then if he held his sword a certain way he’d have a tail…

dunno… maybe it works in concept but ends there… i have high hopes for your entry though :wink:


keeganb_2000 - thanks man - you’re spot on about too much metal - I’m thinking of replacing the chainmail with billowing white cloth, with blood red detail, to give him a more regal look.

monotypic - cheers

Arrax - yep you’re right it came out too much in the design.

bentllama - good idea - I’ll try and work that into the design.

monotypic - again cheers bud - I like the lion’s tail idea - that’s definatly gonna appear somewhere in the design.

Well - started the model this afternoon. Would love to hear more ideas



Awesome design you got there almighty Tim. Although, the eye slits on the helmet are a bit thin.


damn, you are fast. Good job so far!

The slits on the helmet are perhaps a bit thin. You might wanna open them up a bit so youll be able to see his eyes.

And somehow the helmet looked more menacing on the sketches. Maybe you should move up the corners of the slits a bit.

Keep it up!


i like the design/concept very much , thats a great start you got there m8 ,

keep it up :bounce:


whoa great stuff, but isnt it kinda high poly? I dont think youll manage to keep it under 8000 tris with this amount of detail! It looks awesome tho!


Kwakkie: The new limit is 15k, I think the high poly version andrew posted is for the normal mapping.


Unbelievable … what are u doing with the rest of ur time?
U are incredible fast :slight_smile: and it looks realy cool.
Keep it up


Devised_Poly - Cheers - I’ll make them bigger

Supervlieg - Cheers bud - I’m thinking of redesigning the helmet now :slight_smile:

cgg - Thanks man!

Kwakkie - for sure - Its gonna be a challenge to get the low poly version to work

Grashupfa - Cheers dude - I’m really busy with my course work but this challenge was too cool to miss :slight_smile:

Started the shield earlier:

Keep the suggestions coming - it really helps!


This is Absolutely great. You Are very fast. Can’t wait to see more.


wow, that’s really amazing, i like concept.
Heavy knights allways look great, keep it up and win contest.