GAC 11 - Cu Chulainn


Game: Mytical Spirits Reborn( MS reborn)

Description: The Gods have grown bored in their heavenly plane so as a form of entertainment they have returned Mytical Heros and beasts back onto mortal Earth to fight for their enjoyment. Worthy Mortals have been chosen as vessels to carry the spirits of each legend, these people have been chosen by the gods for their greatness as a modern human.

Character: DJ Carey(Spirit of Cu Chulainn)

Character description: A man from Kilkenny in Ireland, a great champion in the sport of Hurling has been bestowed with the power of Cu Chulainn. With physical appearance changed and inhanced this warrior is ready to compete in “Mytical Spirits reborn”

Weapons: While fighting normally DJ will use his hurley and sliotar to inflict damage on opponents but on more powerful moves the spirit of Cu Chualinn will become more apparent changing DJ’s hurley into the Gae-Bolg(Cu Chulainns mytical spear)! Also DJ Carries Cu Chulainns horn, an effective sonic ranged attack!

Age: 28
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’ 05"
Weight: 16 Stone
Weapons: Hurley and Sliotar/Gae-Bolg/Horn

This is DJ Carey, hes a real guy but I dont think I’ll try and get his likeness as I want the whole design to be stylized. Also this side of the design is more a novelty for the lovers of the sport. Cu Chulainn also played hurling in his younger days so this is another reason why I’ve gone in this direction.

The equipment used for the game of Hurling

Different art based on Cu Chulainn.

I’ll have some concept art up later, I’ve sketched up my first pass on the design so I want to add some colour before I post it. Since I wont really get enough time to model this guy till after christmas I’ve decided to take the design process a bit slower and make a few passes on the design.


very different and yet…very cool!

definitley good as far as a character that can fight.
cant wait to see the face to see how well it matches.

good luck keeganb


mttjss - Thanks for the response man, I think he might be a bit obscure but for me it’s keeping my interest.

Heres my first pass at my design of the character, i havent fully thought about his clothes but this will give a general idea of where I’m going with this and I also tried to make sure he’s not too mirrored. I want him to look modern as he’s really a person from nowadays instilled with the spirit of a mythical warrior so I’ve given him jeans and below the knee I plan on just giving him a pair of white ‘trainers/runners/sneaker’. I suppose I want him to look a bit street!
I need to research Celtic art/style a bit more as I want to give him an interesting tatoo. Anyway more sketches to come on this.


Looking forward to this one. Very nice concept, keep it up.


Hi All, I havent been near my thread for months as I’ve been real busy doing other stuff. Anyway I’m back in on this challenge but I know I havent got much time left but I’ll go till the end.
I’ve modelled the head now and am at a point where I’d love some crits from people. Since the poly count is so generous I have 4518 triangles in the head. Anyway let me know what you all think. There is some differences from the concept as I wanted to try a different hairstyle.


The head looks great and I really like you concept art. Topology is good. Sorry I don’t have any crits. I would need to see more.

Keep up the good work and I hope you can finish it, I should actually get back to mine.


Thanks DMonk, I’ve updated the images as I’ve changed the flow a bit since the last revision, I’m trying to learn the right way of doing faces at the moment so I went back into it to change things and try and add more detail. Anyway I should have some body shots up real soon as I’m working on that right now.
Thanks for the feedback


Heres a first look at the arms neck area of my character. I’m at 10k triangles right now so I will have to optimize this and also I’m not fully happy with certain areas which I want to revisit. Anyway I’m posting for feedback.


I really like the arms!

I think the model is a bit more muscular than the concept art, but this is good work.


keeganb excellent progress, I like the way your taking this meshing. Wicked muscle structure, hands are looking cool, keep pressing hard man…


Thanks for the encouragement guys at this point I really need it! I’m not used to working which such a high count but its also fun to be able to add so much detail in the mesh. I’ll have some more images up soon but i’ve resigned to finishing it on time, my speed at modelling is suffering not trying to deal with all these verts!

dmonk - yeah your right hes a bit more muscular alright but dont worry when I’ve got all the geometry down I’ll go into tweaking and making it look as much like the concept as I can. I do want the 3D version to look more realistic though, I’m not following the concept too strictly.



It’s cool I wasn’t complaining it was just an observation.

P.S. I would get used to the extra verts. Next gen consoles might have polycounts closer to this. It is stilla good idea to make the most out of limited verts.


yeah DMonk I know you werent complaining, I really appreciate those sort of spot on comments.
Heres an update, I’m just roughing in the legs now and getting the arms and stuff into place. I find this helps getting my proportions right by modelling with the arms by his side(I wont UVmap/texture/Rig it like this) Anyway this is the only angle where its working right now and I’m tired so I’m off to bed.


Heres a rotation of the full body. Still alot of tweaking to do


wow, almost done with the modeling I see. excellent work, no crits though I’ll wait till your done tweaking. :wink:


Excellence work you got here. Keep it up.


Thanks for the interest Hanzo and PKD!

Just adding different material to the mesh and trying to make the clothes more believable and real with nice folds. Also trying to play with proportions as I think hes a bit off?


looking really nice man, I could totally see this in a fighting game.

Can’t wait to see it finished.


:scream: yeah, can’t wait to see this in textures, the model is high standing oh and interesting color theme.


Hey keegan,
I think that the character as a whole is very good. I love the modeling that you did on the arms. Just simply good. The remaining parts of the character are of equal quality and it helps push this character into one to be considered heavily when it comes down to the final entries. The only thing that seems to bug me, and it also sounds like you too (you said proportions seemed “off”) is the crotch area of the character. It seems like it needs to be redone. The fabric of the pants seem to be flat, while there is a normally a general pull upwards. I won’t go into more detail so not to possibly offend anyone, but look at some of the photos and the concept art that you posted on the first page; you’ll be able to tell what I mean.

I hope that my little critique helped in someway, the character is topnotch; and I hope that you are able to finish in time, this contest needs as many good entries (like this one) in the final submissions thread.