GAC#11 - Attila The Hun "Scourge Of God"


I’ve decided on Attila the Hun!, Since 100% of my family is of Hungarian decent, it was the obvious choice for me.

NAME: Attila the Hun
AGE: 1598
HAIR: Black
EYES: Black
HEIGHT: 6’2"
WEIGHT: 260 Lbs.
HOMETOWN: The Great Hungarian Plain
FIGHTER’S SET: The Burning City Of Rome
RIVAL: His Brother Bleda
DESCRIPTION: Atilla the Hun (circa 406-53), king of the Huns (circa 433-53) One of the most feared and notorious barbarians
of all time, Attila is believed to be ofdistant Mongol stock, he ravaged much of the European continent during the 5th century AD. Apparently Attila was as great a menace to the Teutonic tribespeople as he was to the Romans.



Hers a rough concept… still pretty preliminiary


looking ace man :slight_smile:

let’s rock


nice man…checked out your site, great stuff. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure, another serious competitor. One idea that came to mind was possibly having a human head incorporated with the weapon, either mounted on it, or having the blade portion coming out of its mouth…just something more twisted and fear inspiring. Anyways, cool stuff…i dig the proportions and helmet too.


oooo… i like it… good idea ramstar, will do!


great sketch man!!! i love the character, he looks vicious!!! evil.

maybe you can improve his halberd/axe? concept. maybe put something sharp on the top of the pole. but i know it’s still preliminary… lookin forward to see the whole thing.:thumbsup:


Here’s some more, I’ve been working on this non-stop today. I added the sword of mars which Attila is said to have obtained from the god of war…Mars. Thought it might be cool if he pulled it out in the middle of a special move. I added the pheasent feathers on his back to give his outfit a more hungarian feel. I want to keep his ax the way it is… archeic, like he quickly sharpened a piece of metal and stuck it on a handel. A thanks to ramstar for the skull idea… i think it looks pretty cool.


Looks great Tasart - I like his helmet - should make a cool model


looks nice. your contrasting shapes and negative space around the character is great…I do think howver that his feet and shins are rather plain and uninspiring when compared to the rest of the costume.

great design so far and I look forward to seeing more.


Some color action!


Wow! That a great illlustration, which leads me to think your entry is going to be great. I love the skull on the Battle axe handle.


OMFG! that is immortal!

your concept alone is front page material


great job…


started the head tonight… yay


Hello tas! Wishing the best on your entry! :thumbsup:

So far it rocks! The concept is evolving to a unique masterpiece (as always) !!

Waiting for more…


Hi Tas!
Excellent character choice. The concept looks incredible.
Great start on the model too. This is definately the entry to watch. Good luck!


Looking mighty fine mate. for sure setting the level for this challenge.


lookin sweet tas, i hope to join ya on this one (this is moose btw)


Thanks guys… having a blast so far!
little more to the head… started the chest


This is it for tonight