FZD, Syn studio, Gnomon, Brainstorm... please help me.

  • sorry for my english! :smiley:

Hello I live in South Korea, work as a 2D & 3D designer.
But sometimes I feel not enought to work in this industry.
I think I should learn more anatomy, lighting, colors, concept.
I want to be character, enviroment artist. I want to be an art director like goodbrush or Feng zhu someday.

But I can’t afford much money for studing. I saving my money 1,304.35 $ for a month.
I could go to school in year or two.
So I’m searching for cheap schools not a university (I can’t afford university tuition fee.)

And I found some schools that I can afford.

  • syn studio
  • FZD school of design
  • gnomon school
  • brainstorm school
  • Concept design arcademy in california

But I could’nt find the information about syn studio and brainstorm school.
Has anyone attended thoes school? I need some information.

and has anyone know cheap schools that I can afford ? I need your help. Thanks you for reading :smiley: