FXWarsTRON: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams


Who knows it might be cool to have a Maya Team competing against a Max team.!

So please, if you are interested reply to this thread if you are interested in working with a partner/team on FXWARS TRON
Just enter:




So it Begins!
Can I know what is the Maximum team strength?
& total duration of the movie should be?



I wanna represent Maya Team!
I am looking forward for team mates who are good in Live action compositing, familiar with linear & non linear workflow Lighting etc, Hope I can play a good team mate & can advance together in creatin realistic effects.

Name:[color=white] Vikas Chandel
Program: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Mel, Blastcode.
SKILLS: Effects, Lighting, Comping
WHAT YOU WANT TO DO: Majorly effects part like Particle & Fluid Stuff, good amount of Lighting as well & comping too![/color]

Best Vik,


Hey man I wanna be part of the maya team …

what do I have to do?


my name is “Kazem”
i`m from Iran
and my softwares are , 3dsMax(Fumefx for explosions),Digital Fusion for Compositing
what shall i do to be a part of this contest?


Name: LeVaughn Cousar
Program: Lightwave
Skills: General
What i want to do: what ever part you don’t.


Name: Dan Tomaszewski
Program: After Effects/ 3d Max
Skills: Intermediate
Role: anything you ask for


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