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Hi to You All,
A bit late, but we want to try our shot at FXWars.
Don’t know if we will make it with time, but we will try.
We will do live footage. And it will be fire bending.


Hi, guys.
Just to let you know we are working in our spare time
on our small project. Don´t have much time to upload any
short animation, so here is one picture.

I have also question.
With final movie do I have to upload seperate
movie only with fire simulation?
This is our first time in this competition
and we dont want to do something wrong.


Upload both videos and you should be kosher.

Great work so far.


Heads up:
FXWARS: Bending Arts New Dateline- Mon Jan 6th


Thx for info. I think I will finish this in next week,


Hi, here is our proposition for FXWars: FireBender.
It´s our first attempt in this competition so it will look better next time.
Done after working hours. There are few bugs we have to fix it,
and some bugs form compression. If we will have some spare time
we will fix it till tomorrow.
Here is a question: Do I have to put seperate video
of the firebend effect? Because it takes a lot of space on my computer,
and a lot time to render. So please let me know.




Ok, this is our final.
We fixed some bugs.
software used: 3ds max, after effects.
We did this with basic camera and no green screen.
We bought it now, so next project will be better :slight_smile:
Hope you like it a bit.



Nicely done! I would personally probably make the fire a little brighter, makes it seem a little more intense :wink: Looking good though!


thx man. Yeah I know there is a lot to tweak.
Fire is to turbulent, lightningh, and a lot of other bugs.
It will be better next time (I hope)
It was still fun to make it.


Ok guys,
I need your votes, so we can move to our next challenge…
(And yes the voting page has been fixed)



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