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Looking forward to doing this challenge, I will hopefully have time to finish it. I’m going to be doing Fire Bending for my effect.



Ok, this is very much a Work in Progress. Just did some quick tests to try get some control of the fire and get it to do what I want. It’s not quite where I want it but not a bad start. I’ll need to animate my character before I go any further with this though. But first moving on to some fireballs…




very cool, the color is great! I like the rolling effect too, its a great start!


Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s very good start!


Sorry for the lack of posts. Rigging, skinning and animating my character took longer than expected.
Firstly, thanks Wirginia for the comments, am really looking forward to seeing your stuff :slight_smile:

So here’s some basic animation for my effect. The camera isn’t final, I just stuck it in there to see the animation close up. I added a preview without the camera aswell. Once I’ve started putting in the effects I’ll be able to adjust the timing correctly.

The animation is based off Azula’s character from the series, I really loved her fight style.




Looking good Hayden. I really like the stylized motion of the fire. Maya fluids?



Thanks George :slight_smile: Using 3ds Max and FumeFX, driving them with particles.


Changed this to a shot breakdown



Heads up:
FXWARS: Bending Arts New Dateline- Mon Jan 6th


Ok, so I emailed Roberto the other day saying I won’t be able to finish this challenge. I had a serious deadline at work over Xmas and New Years so wasn’t going to make the official deadline for this challenge.

However I’m now finished my work and I really want to finish this project as I’ve put so much into it already. So here’s a still render from one of my shots, I’m busy rendering the background environment but thought I’d post it anyway. I Have 1 main shot left and it should be done and will post it anyway even though I missed the deadline.


Post your entry… It is ok.


Ok so here is my final entry for the challenge. Sadly due to work I wasn’t able to finish on time but I really wanted to complete this.
This was a really fun challenge and I learnt quite a lot, I had many many failed attempts and I found out that Firebending was so much harder than I expected. But overall I’m pretty happy with the results.
I decided to render my animation with 2 other camera angles. Unfortunately I didn’t get the time to re-render everything out again to fit in 1 camera motion.

Thanks again for another great challenge…


Added a quick shotbreakdown , nothing special.



Hi, looks nice.
Time is always an issue.
I like the jump in your animation.
Good luck.


Thanks Tazio, and the same to you :slight_smile:
Think you may have had the right idea in doing Live action. I created far too much work for myself :slight_smile:


Ok guys,
I need your votes, so we can move to our next challenge…
(And yes the voting page has been fixed)




This is Why you should always post what you got.

Good Work.



Thanks :slight_smile:


Congratz Hayden! Well done :wink:


Thanks Morhaf :slight_smile: