FXWars! Winter Kingdom: VOTE!


[b]Ok we have a winner for the FXwars challenge:

I am very impressed with the GREAT of entries we got.
and I hope you all will joing us for our next mini challenge
THE Albert Whitlock Tribute

Here is the WINNER!


Stefan Morrell

[/b]STILL: -
WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=139&t=710781

DESCRIPTION:Freeform fantasy style castle,Software used 3dsmax,Photoshop,After effects

ANIMATION LINK: http://stefan-morrell.com/FXwarWinter_Morrell.mov


Best VFX: Stefan Morrell! 30 votes!

[li]Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra - 5 votes[/li][li]Joseph Baker-1 Vote[/li]
[/ul]Best WIP Thread: Stefan Morrell - 3 votes
[li]Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra-1 Vote[/li][/ul][/color][/b]LEGACY POST

Welcome to the FXWARS Challenge.
I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the quality of the outstanding pieces
of work that have been produced.

Please take a moment and VOTE for your favorite mini animation.
Click this link for the RULES of the challenge.

The FXWARS challenge was established to push the boundaries of what can be done in CG with a insanely limited amount of time.

The TOPIC for the next challenge is <<TESLA>>…

THE Albert Whitlock Tribute

Anyway, let get on with the voting!

Please vote for :

And please if you also have time vote for:
[li]BEST WIP THREAD[/li][/ul]
To vote, just post a REPLY to this thread with selections for each category.
Here are the finished entries: (click names)
[li]Joseph Baker[/li][li]Marlon Torres & Martin Romero[/li][li]reinhart82[/li][li]Gabriele Chiapponi DRUIGANT[/li][li]Stefan Morrell [/li][li]Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra[/li][li]Terry Trefry[/li][/ul]MIRRORS:
OK guys, here are some youtube mirrors I just posted:
[li]Fxwars Winter Kingdoms, Marlon Torres & Martin Romero[/li][li]FXWARS Winter Kingdom (Joseph Baker)[/li][li]FXWars Winter Kingdom(Stefan Morrell)[/li][li]FXWARS (reinhart82)[/li][li]Gabriele ChiapponiDRUIGANT[/li][li]FXWARS Winter Kingdom (Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra)[/li][/ul]


NAME: Joseph Baker

WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=709633&page=1&pp=15

DESCRIPTION: This is a Narnia style white witch castle from the first Narnia movie.
It’s mostly matte painting camera mapped to simple geometry.

Software used, Photoshop, Electric image, Vue, and composited in Commotion pro.

ANIMATION LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/umweydjnyny/JB_FXWARS%28720x405%29.mov


NAME: Marlon Torres & Martin Romero

WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=712136

DESCRIPTION: A stylized winter kingdom completely done in 3d in the style of teaser movie trailer. Software used are 3dsmax, Vue, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro

ANIMATION LINK: http://www.torresstudios.com/films/winter_kingdoms.mov


NAME: reinhart82


    [b]WIP THREAD:[/b] 
   Shot will start off outside a cave. Then slowly pan inwards until total darkness. An ice castle will be revealed deep in the cave.
   Sofware used: 3ds max, After Effects.


Gabriele Chiapponi DRUIGANT



In this kingdom, every winter a war begun.

I wanted to create certain effects, flames, smoke, floor, the door and wall that is frozen,… and an explosion, it is my passion. I perhaps overstated the amount of this effects.

I hope you like it, however,I wanted to create a small moment, the first defense of the castle from the attack.

Software used: 3dsmax,fumefx,combustion


(the video is uploaded but is temporaly in “processing time” , and youtube need some hours vefore publish this)


NAME: Stefan Morrell

WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=710781

DESCRIPTION:Freeform fantasy style castle,Software used 3dsmax,Photoshop,After effects

ANIMATION LINK: http://stefan-morrell.com/FXwarWinter_Morrell.mov


Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra




Over the past centuries hundreds of cargo ships have mysteriously disapperead in the freezing waterrs of the North Atlantic. Last Intercepted radio transmission revealed crew hypnotized by a light emanating off a distance. Rescue team experts believe they were hallucinating due to extremely low temperature.

Sailors think otherwise…

shot breakdown:

John Juarez - Scene Layout for Animatic, Ships / props Modeling and Texture in Softimage and Photoshop. 3D Particles in Softimage.
Bruno Werneck - Concept Art, Matte Painting and Texturing in Photoshop. Lighting and Rendering in 3DMax. 2D Particles, Editing, Compositing and Sound Mixing in After Effects.
Dan Segarra - Intro / Synopsis Writing, Previz and Final Camera Animation in Maya.

medium size quicktime ( 800 x 340 65 megs )
medium size quicktime lower quality ( 800 x 340 32 megs )
small size quicktime lower quality ( 600 x 255 14 megs )


NAME: Terry Trefry

WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=725853

DESCRIPTION: This piece was done in Maya, textures photoshop, and pieced together in VirtualDub. A journey from frigid water to an icy desert finally reaching the ice castle.

ANIMATION LINK: http://s161.photobucket.com/albums/t230/6dollarman/?action=view&current=TERRY_TREFRY_FXWARS800x450.flv


Best Visual Effects: Stefan Morrell.

good job to all! Amazing entrys.


Best VFX: Stefan Morrell

Awesome job, Stefan. Just add another 119 minutes and you have yourself an epic! This is probably the first FX Wars entry (ever) where I was truly disappointed there wasn’t more.


wow great job Stefan morrell…

My vote goes to Stefan Morrell…

Great works everyone!

All the best!


Best VFX: Stefan Morrell.



Best FX: Stefan Morrell


There are a lot of great entries in this challenge, great stuff but my vote goes to:

Best VFX: Stefan Morrel.

That was just epic and, I agree with Artbot, I was disappointed when it ended. I wanted more.


Best VFX - Stefan Morrell
You would’nt think it but the flags blowing in the wind really added a sence of realizm to the shot that I did’nt think they would.


Best VFX- Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra

Best WIP Thread- [b]Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra

[/b]While watching the short, i hoped for the flash light at the end[b].

[/b]Greets rasher73


Best VFX: Stefan Morrell.

Wow very Epic! I loved to hear the Dark Knight soudtrack on it. Its fitting very nicely.
Amazing rendering and great compositing!

My 2nd Place goes to Bruno Werneck, John Juarez, Dan Segarra
Very cool mood! I liked the end a lot where the tower begins to glow!


Best FX: Stefan Morrell

Outstanding entry dude!

Great job everyone else too :smiley:


[/color]Stefan Morrell


amazing works!


Any chance of some youtube uploads? I cant view a lot of these. I did however see Stephans and it was excellent!