FXWars Warp Drive: WINNER!


my vote to Nick McElmury


Nicholas McElmury get s my vote
its amazing , :smiley: loved it :bounce:


Nicholas McElmury gets my vote for the best warp jump/warp exit effects.


I am very impressed with the GREAT of entries we got.
and I hope you all will join us for our next mini challenge

Ok we have one big winner:

NAME: Nicholas McElmury


WIP THREAD: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=1164855

DESCRIPTION: Half tribute, half freeform entry of a Star-Trek warp jump, warp tunnel, and exit.



The vote count:

Nicholas McElmury 8 Votes
Daniel Broadway 4 Votes
Boban Krsmanović 2 Votes
David Crabtree.




Congrats, Nicholas! A great piece.


Thanks Roberto and everyone!
That was a fun challenge.

Daniel - Awesome entry to you too man, great work! Your warp jump looked like it came straight out of the movies.


Congratulation Nicholas! :slight_smile:
That was a well deserved win, animation looks amazing.
Also, my congratulation to Daniel-B. Great work.

Cheers to all. :wavey:


It was a fun one to work on and it was good to see two good Trek tributes that did justice to that style of warp drive, well done to all the entrants.

It was a shame that no one else gave the forensic entry a shot as I was interested to see what other people might have come up with.

Lets see if NASA do a flashy video for their new concept warp ship!