FXWars:Warp Drive: Nicholas McElmury, Trek Tribute


Had to jump at the opportunity to participate in this one as a lifelong Trek geek.

I built a model of the Enterprise-E ( The one from First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis) a while back, and have been itching to do an animation with it.

I’de like to do a jump to warp, show the ship in warp, and then dropping out of warp.

Roberto was kind enough to bend the rules to allow multiple cuts, so that should help.

Looking forward to seeing some other entries!


Got a chance to get started this past weekend. Grabbed my model and tweaked a few small things to get it ready for some animation and began some layout.

Here’s the model I will be using.


Ahh, the Soverign class. What a beauty. Looks great.


Daniel-B - Thanks a lot man! I was a fun model to make, took me quite a while.

Work has been insane these past couple weeks so I haven’t gotten a chance to do much.

Here’s a rough animation with the start of some FX. Still not liking the look of the initial warp “bubble”, but I’ll get around to making it look pretty.

The first shot will also have a nebula the ship will be emerging from in the beginning. I did a FumeFX sim, and lo and behold, I filled up the hard drive on my computer in a hurry, so I will be finding a workaround to that. Also ned to fix a couple of wobbly keyframes :argh:

I really liked the look of the warp scenes in “Into Darkness”, so I will be using that as my main inspiration.



Hey, that was awesome. :slight_smile:
I really like the trail effects ship left when going into hyperspeed.

I also loved the editing.


Cool sequence.

Great camera move at the start.
It does look like the particles shoot straight up after a bit. Not sure if that is what you were going for.
The arrival was a nice touch, but almost wanted to see a “reconstruction” phase with the particles again. Although that may just be confusing.

Just rambling, it’s looking great so far.


Great start Nicholas. That’s going to be a solid entry.


Thanks so much for the responses guys.

Gonzomuse - Yeah I wanted the ship to have an upwards traveling motion as it sped off, something a little more interesting than a straight line.
I do plan on having an reconstruction sequence when the ships arrives, just haven’t gotten around to building it yet is all :slight_smile:

Got a jump on rendering, it’s taking a while, but I’ve been leaving it running at night and during the day while I’m working to nip away at it.
Here’s a preview render, it’s only about half of the first cut, but should give an idea of what I’m aiming for. Still unsure whether or not I like how the cloud looks, I think it should dissipate before the ship essentially wipes the camera. We’ll see!



I love the Enterprise coming through the nebula gas. That’s so cool.


Isn’t a ship too glossy? I’d break that glossiness with a map, something like it was in the 2009 ST movie.

Also, I think at first the gas on top of the ship could be thicker, so that it’s interaction with it is more obvious.


Other than that, looks really cool :slight_smile: And these are just suggestions

Actually, after looking at it a few times, I think what I don’t like is the spec coming from the spotlight on top of it…


Hey guys, thanks for the kind words and suggestions!

I added a bit more gas, and turned down that hot light that was running across the top (thanks for pointing that out Nixellion)

Here’s an update with all the shots.

Upon rendering I realized there are still a few things I want to change.

Namely the second shot, something still looks a bit off to me.
I also want to polish up the earth and moon a bit, they look pretty plain at the moment.

I will also spend some time working on the background so there’s something a little more interesting than a generic star field :slight_smile:





Thanks for the heads up Roberto!

Just finished this thing up. Added some sound (not my strong point), and a track from the Generation soundtrack I’ve always been pretty fond of.

Overall pretty happy with it, there’s a couple things I would do differently, but all in all, I’de say it’s not half bad :slight_smile: