FXWARS: Warp Drive, Glenn Hollingsworth: Freeform


Hi there.

I really can’t miss this. I chose to go with the freeform, as I really like Voyager ship design, but the warp engine effects from the new star trek films are sexy, so hopefully my entry will be an amalgamation of the two.

The mesh I downloaded off Sci-Fi 3D and the modeller is : Luca Silingardi (Flat Eric)

Sorting, rigging and animating for the proxy animation is done in 3ds max, all effects will be done in Houdini, and probably composited in Houdini’s COP’s, however we will see how things progress.

A quick playblast of the ship from impulse to warp. Ship moves, engines rotate up and towards the ship by 30 degrees a side, and resultant particles.



have you had a chance to finish your entry?

FXWars Warp Drive: post your FINAL ENTRY.