FXWars:Warp Drive: Daniel Broadway, Star Trek Freeform


Hey guys. I’ve been a huge Star Trek fan most of my life, and I thought it would be crazy for me not to join this one. I started by converting Tobias Richter’s superb JJ Abrams Enterprise over from Maya to 3ds max. He was kind enough to allow me access to his model, and I am grateful. I also did a matte painting of Jupiter for the background, but it’s in early stages. Fun!

Tobias Richter’s beautiful Enterprise (conversion/shaders/a few custom textures by me)…

And a look at my rough draft Jupiter matte painting…


That is one damn fine looking model!

Nice specular breakup across it too, looks straight out of the film!

Matte painting is coming along nicely. Do you plan to add motion to the atmosphere/clouds on Jupiter?


Composite is starting to come together…


Really coming together now. Engage!


Looking great man, can’t wait to see it all in motion!


Alright, I’d this is my final entry. I would have liked to work on it until Tuesday but I have other engagements until then. Enjoy!



I’m loving the lens flares and very ‘Trek’ feel to the fly-by and camera motion.

You’ve really captured the right feel you’d expect for the new ST stuff!


The looks and the quality of JJA’s Star track, combined with the old-fashioned warp effect… Warp tunnel looks like it could have a bit more work, but otherwise, I think it is perfect.

I think I just don’t like that there is so much burnt-overbright parts in it